Factors To Be Considered While Choosing Android Tablets

Android powered devices have succeeded in creating place for themselves. These devices have user friendly interface and cheap apps and games. These apps were already part of smart phones which were introduced earlier but were very expensive. The availability of tablets and Android powered smart phones, games and apps have now become accessible to masses.

Android tablets are powered by most powerful operating systems available i.e. Android itself. They are so dependable that some automobile manufacturers across the world have shown interest in it. Completely new range of Android tablet has flooded digital market and there are many Amazon coupons for mobiles which can help you get great discounts. New applications and games accompanying these tablets deserve appreciation. Some factors which must be kept in mind while investing in Android powered tablet are discussed below.

1. Purpose/ Usage of Tablet

Wide range of tablets under Android platform is available varying from utility tablets for grownups to educative and user friendly tablets for the kids. Kid’s Safe Tablet has been designed for kids to help them in curriculum, playing games and solving the puzzles too. Smarter and bigger tablets are for grownups and these are full- fledged lap tops. Main advantage of having different tablets for kids and yourself is that it reduces wear and tear normally caused by children on parent’s tablets. Be clear about purpose of investing in Android tablet and don’t forget to check out Flipkart coupons and deals before buying one.

 2. Size of the Tablet

Next step should be the selection of size of tablet which is available in various sizes. Tablets are compact and sleek and can be carried along and looked after conveniently. It is impossible to carry PC around and lap tops are too big in size. Tablets have come to the rescue of everybody. Seven inch tablets of Android are comparatively cheaper than other tablets available in market. Those wanting to use apps and play games should opt for ten inch tablets. Bigger ones have advantages too. Big tablets are more useful for playing games and watching movies.

Factors To Be Considered While Choosing Android Tablets

 3. Choosing the Right Android Operating System

Various versions of Android operating system having own sets of the features are available. Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) is latest version and it is for you to select the version required. The selected version will perform functions that are offered by that version of Android. Some applications and games that are unique to every version and these may not be upgradable.

 4. Choosing the Right Manufacturer

Manufacturers such as Google, Sony Samsung etc are powerful suppliers of the Android powered tablets across the world and it is indeed difficult to select between these tablets because each of them has certain additional features. So you should be certain about the specifications and features that you want in your tablet.

5. What’s your Budget?

The cost will depend on version of operating system that has been installed, features offered, design, size and utility. Smaller tablets are cheaper and you can get some fantastic deals on www.couponmama.co.in.

6. Does the Tablet Connect to the Android Market?

Older versions like Android 2.2 do not connect to Android market and hence connectivity is an important factor while buying the Android powered tablet.