Low Tech Advertising Campaigns Begin With Signs

Effective advertising campaigns have the ability to reach your target audiences and encourage them to make a positive emotional connection to what you are trying to say. This positive emotion about your company then translates into more sales and a greater revenue stream. The hard part is figuring out what the most effective advertising strategies are for your business.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration Bulletin on signage for businesses, one of the most effective advertising campaigns for businesses of all shapes and sizes is producing quality signs. They are the most effective in generating sales and cost the least, giving you the greatest return on your investment.

However, even with all of this hype about the effectiveness of signs, more and more businesses are shirking this low tech, low cost option for flashier, more technologically advanced options. The truth is that while there are many different advertising tools in your arsenal, in order to get the most positive response to your campaign you need to use tools that reach your customers on a more basic level. Signs have the ability to do just that. They can create the positive emotional response that you yearn for while keeping your advertising costs low.


Signs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and the type you choose will be dependent on the venue you are advertising in as well as the audience you are trying to reach. In order to design the best sign for your needs, you need to ask yourself some questions about your objective. Are you placing your sign at your storefront or along a busy thoroughfare? Are you advertising a new product from a familiar brand or launching a new business? Do you need portability or permanence? All of these criteria should be considered as you design your sign.

Low Tech Advertising Campaigns Begin With Signs

The best part of using signs in your advertising campaign is that in many cases you can design them online. This process makes it easy to create your sign and see the virtual end result instantly, allowing you to make changes on the fly. Premier custom printing companies can then proof your design and provide a finished product in a matter of a few days to a few weeks, depending on your needs. One Sign Company in Utah, Creative Signs Utah, offers these services. It’s what makes these Sign Companies Utah County so desirable for businesses in Utah.

In addition to providing traditional signs, these companies can produce signs that can be used on vehicles, which allows you to access an even greater number of potential new customers. With professional vehicle signage, you’ll be promoting your business where ever you go. In addition, you can hire individuals to spread the word for you by placing signs on their cars. However, whether you are looking for traditional signs or vehicle signs, the key to the success of any sign based advertising campaign.

Give your business a boost, whether it’s a new company or one that has been around awhile, and have some custom printed signs made for advertising purposes. You’ll be amazed at the reception (and the sales) your business will receive.

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