iPhone 6’s Alleged Metal Frame Leaked In Online

Apple is developing the iPhones which are competing in the all over the world. The Apple is an American multinational organization which makes the best iPhone Smartphone’s to the iPhone consumers. The Apple, was found and inaugurated by the so many experts in the year 1976. The head office of this organization was located in California, US. First, it was developed with the name Apple computer, Inc in the year 1977. Later the name was changed as Apple Inc in the year 2007 on January 9.

The Smartphone’s are designed by this Apple organization which is very conveyable and expensive to the consumers. As per the worlds company revenue standards Apple is standing the second position throughout the world and the first place got the Samsung Company. The Nokia is one of the best Smartphone makers standing in the third place over the world.

Apple’s experts are planned to release the next series of iPhone in this year in the month of September or October. As per the company standers the next iPhone series has two available in the market by this October. But the company hasn’t stopped the streaming of the leaks. The latest images of this iPhone 6 were travelling in the online sites. The site Xiaolongchakan is one of the most popular online websites throughout the china and these pictures of metal frames are going this site. In this site the metal frames of iPhone 6 pictures are roaming on the china website.

iPhone 6’s Alleged Metal Frame Leaked In Online

The picture of this site shows the metal in sometimes. The images are also shown the features of this iPhone 6 on the China’s online website. Based on this images the iPhone edges are slim down to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. This iPhone 6 is very thin when compared to iPhone 5 and 5S. The right edge of this iPhone 6 is available with the power button. By showing of these images the power button is fixed at the right of the corner and this means the Apple may have the chance to change the one situation to the other. This is additionally in accordance with bits of gossip recommending that the new iPhone is said to game a bigger show (4.7-inch or 5.5-inch). One of the statements is also lining up by these pictures, requesting that new iPhone is for the displaying of the bigger display, 4.5 inch or 5.5 inch.

The online website Weibo was showed the equal images of this iPhone 6 in the few weeks ago. And the pictures were taken from the Foxconn. The images are taken from the Foxconn testing facility, as per the statements.

The Apple organization revealed that, the two iPhone’s will come to the market in this year, one is coming with 4.7 inch screen and another one is 5.5 inch screen.

In this year on the month February the first combination of the iPhone pictures were coming out. These pictures are shown the next version of the iPhone and slim down to the iPhone 5S.

The latest iPhone has the combination of features like apps for health-related, camera with 13MP, solar charging, fast browsing WiFi and few more.