Top 5 Apps For Workplace Safety – Explore Them Right Away!

When it comes to the job site, the safety of the employees or the workers should inarguably be the top priority of the organisation, no matter what industry it is operating in. However, we can understand that all the rules and the regulations relating with the workplace safety need not always be exciting or memorable for that matter. Getting the message across the workers who actually require it more can often look difficult, particularly when you know that the “message” (that needs to be conveyed) is stuffed with the dry statistics and warnings that may have started appearing monotonous.

Over the time, the application developers have been competing in order to create amazing and outstanding software tools that play a crucial role in educating the employees. This is done not only to recognise but also to prevent plenty of hazards that can possibly take place during work or on the worksite.

The good thing with these workplace safety apps is that they make the message not only accessible but also interesting to read and create great deal of curiosity by also allowing it to appear as something that naturally calls for fun.

Here are some of the best workplace safety apps that we feel, we should discuss with you. Take a look:

Top 5 Apps For Workplace Safety – Explore Them Right Away!

The USW Chemical Safety App

Now, for people who own iphones and are also involved in working with the chemicals on a daily basis, here is a workplace safety app that must be positively checked out. It is an app that encourages employees to keep themselves safer from all kind of exposure to the toxic and harmful chemicals. With this app, you have an access to a huge database for various forms of information about the personal protective equipment, health hazards and the myriad workplace exposure limits. This is also the app that is capable of delivering contact information and other related details for the OSHA.

Workplace Safety is No Accident

This is not just a phrase, a piece of advice or anything that should go overlooked when workplace health and safety is taken into consideration. This is rather a popular app that includes an easy and interactive game that lets you focus on the likelihood of different and prospective workplace accidents that may take place when compared with the other events in league.

Top 5 Apps For Workplace Safety – Explore Them Right Away!


This is one of the most popular and trendy ios apps today and is focussed on your office wellness. It not only helps the employees in managing their wellness and health but is also focussed on the productivity. You can make use of this app for arranging the entire setup of the equipments that you use in your office or while you are at work, for example – chair, table, desktop computer and various other peripherals.

People, who put this app into use will also get access to plenty of useful suggestions regarding the exercises that require simple stretching. This app will also give you reminders from time to time about taking breaks during the work. In a nutshell, these are the kinds of apps that can help in the prevention of musculoskeletal stress as well as the injury.

Top 5 Apps For Workplace Safety – Explore Them Right Away!

Sound Level Meter

This is one of those android apps that make real sense in the workplace safety environment of today. You can download it to your very own smartphone and then it can be used for measuring the noise levels that exist in workplaces. Readout is shown up in decibels and plays an instrumental role in safeguarding one against all the harmful and the unhealthy noise levels that seem tough to be avoided in the offices or the factories. However, you must keep in mind that noise levels going beyond 100dB can’t be recorded by this app and the obvious reason for this one is the limitation of the microphones of your smartphone.

Top 5 Apps For Workplace Safety – Explore Them Right Away!

Cargo Decoder

This is an immensely useful app for identifying the hazardous materials workers put into use and helps them get quick access to the information much needed to them. If you are keen on knowing what the tankers that are being pulled in actually carry, make sure that you access this app without any hesitation. All you have to do it to tap in the number (four-digit) that can be seen on the DOT of the tanker into the app. You will instantly be provided with the relevant and fitting data on the query. This app also helps you do things easily and efficiently with the help of the swipe function and the voice command.

Now you know, with the help of just a few apps, you can get access to even the most relevant and hidden data on workplace safety within a few seconds. Go ahead and plan the kind of app you would want to have on your phone – ample of choices available. 

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