Make Way for The iTunes Radio

itunes radio

Tired of listening to your playlist over and over again? Apple does away with your music boredom with the new iTunes Radio. That’s right; you can now listen to your favorite radio stations on your Apple devices. This fall, Apple announced its launch of the new iTunes Radio, an internet radio that not only lets you listen to radio stations, but also make you create airwaves as well. I know you are as excited as I am about this new feature. So join me, and let’s explore one of the most awaited innovations that Apple has to offer.

Pick and Play

Rock, Pop, RNB, Classic, Country, and many more! These genres are made available for free! With iTunes Radio, you can find different radio stations that play your most favourite genres and songs. Want to listen to Coldplay? How about Maroon 5? How about a track from the America Idol winners? In just a tap, you can listen to any of songs you love. And the best part is that you can now be updated about the newest and hottest tracks. You won’t have to Google the lyrics to new songs you’ve been crushing on.

Make Way for The iTunes Radio


Play My Favourite

Aside from having the hottest and newest tracks, iTunes Radio also gives you the option to organize your favourite songs and genres in your device. iTunes Radio familiarizes itself with the songs that you always play and record these as your favorites. Through this, the stations that play the most of your favorite songs will be sort of tagged for easy access. So when boredom strikes you, you can easily listen to the station that plays your favorite songs.

To give you a better idea, let me illustrate it for you. For example, you play Taylor Swift’s “Love Story,” “Fifteen” and “Safe and Sound”, iTunes Radio will automatically consider the stations as “Featured.” The next time you open the iTunes Radio, the station will be easy to access.  It’s just that easy.

As you play more songs in your iTunes Radio, the more it personalizes the application to suit your favourites.  Apple really proves that they are really striving to give people convenience and ease of work.

Get More Favorites

Another innovative (and convenient) feature of iTunes Radio is that it suggests songs and stations similar to what you want.  Remember how the application stores your favorites? Well, it does more with them since they search for songs similar in artist and genre among other.

To illustrate, if the genre that you always play is Rock, then iTunes Radio will come up with a list of Rock songs that you may enjoy as well. When you feel sad about your latest breakup with your partner, and you played different mellow songs from the radio, iTunes Radio will give you more songs to help mend your broken heart.

The best part about this is that you no longer need to switch from one station to another. You can just open the application and go jogging, and expect your favourite songs to just pop in!

Listen Anytime, Anywhere

Say goodbye to choppy connections! iTunes Radio is also internet radio, meaning it receives signals through Internet connection. It works like a RingCentral VoIP service, but transmitting radio waves instead of voice over the Internet. You no longer need to worry about listening indoors since Wi-Fi connectivity will give you strong coverage. And when you’re out, 3G and LTE has got you covered.

iTunes Radio is free, and can be used on both the iPad and the iPhone. So, are you excited to wear your headphones and listen to iTunes Radio?

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