Submission Of Finance Blog To A Directory – Why Is It Helpful?

By adding our link or blog to a directory, we increase the number of visitors to our site manifold. Sometimes, it may so happen that we are not satisfied with the number of customers or visitors. This may happen because of insufficient inbound links. When we add our blogs to the top directories, we are able to expose our sites to potential customers & create good back links.

Some of the blog directories attract unexpected number of customers. Blog catalog is one of them that can attract a good number of unique visitors (more than 10) in a single day.


They work with the help of some buttons. Different buttons have different functions like ranking the blog, tracking the visitors etc. We need to get organized before submission. We first register before adding the blog to the directory.

For signing up, an e-mail is sent from the directory. For confirming the membership, it just needs the click of a button. Then, there is a menu where the blogs are added. If the buttons are put together, it is convenient to use & it also saves time.

Generally, adding to the list is done on the basis of standard & quality of content but rarely it is also based on the system of reciprocal link.



  • It invites new visitors & these visitors share these sites with their friends & other subscribers.

  • It strengthens the power of search results. Because of its reputation, the results are found quickly.

  • The performance is also increased. It shows description, title, tag& a hyperlink.

  • Back links are of great importance & they decide the page rank.

  • Higher the page rank & more important the subject & the topic, greater the traffic volume.

  • Whenever these blog sites are started, the obvious benefits are expected by the professional bloggers.

Finance web directory provides a large number of financial information, opportunity to get linked, financial articles & real news. Its basic aim is to help grow all the sites as an industry.

Finance blog helps to compile financial advices from various websites. A handful of people taking care of their finances offer advices & tips to others.

In order to find the cheap directory submission facility, we need to do comparison shopping but we need to work with a good company as well. Right choice of service is very important because a poor choice may prove to be a waste of finance & and a serious risk to the reputation as well.

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