Increase Your Instagram Engagement with Giveaways


Creating a successful marketing campaign on Instagram can be a hard task. There are many factors you have to consider before planning it, and the campaign itself can be a pretty complex task to implement. Among many campaign concepts, giveaways and sweepstakes are one of the most popular types. They are also relatively easy to implement and thus, affordable for bloggers or emerging brands. Your goal can be achieved without hundreds or thousands bucks spent for promotion, prizes or IT developers team. Just try to follow some simple tips.

Choose the Right Prize

A prize is a very important thing. Your followers or fans are focused on specific topics or niche, and that’s why they follow you. Whatever your niche is: fashion, gaming, gadgets, try to choose the prize related to it. The prize must be attractive enough and valuable for the participants. If you are a small brand or blogger you don’t need to give the car to stand out from the crowd. Prizes valued around $200 are attractive enough for most users.

Focus on Promotion

You should not forget about the promotion, though. It’s more important than the prize, and you should definitely focus on it. You should promote it on your social media channels first trying to engage other users or followers as much as you can. You can also spread the information about your giveaway in one of many giveaway promotions websites.

Let the App do Everything for You

Do not spend your precious time on technical tasks. Nowadays, you don’t need the IT team to run a successful contest. The whole mechanics of your Instagram giveaway can be done by the giveaway app like Socialman. No programming skill is required to use it. The setup is a matter of configuring your giveaway settings in the app interface, and then copy-pasting of your giveaway URL or embedding the code on your website. The tool has everything you need including authentication via Instagram accounts, Instagram entry types, random and manual winner selection, and advanced analytics. Moreover, it is also integrated with other social media apps, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and gaming community platforms like Twitch or Mixer.

Go Viral

Promoting a sweepstake is not an easy task. Sometimes even if the prize is really great it is still really hard to get noticed. In fact, there is plenty of giveaways launched every day, with lots of them held by big brands using extensive online promotions and very valuable prizes. That’s why you want a good result you should again focus on your followers and fans, letting them spread the news about your contest on their channels. That’s why it is worth to use the viral sharing options provided by Socialman giveaway tool. Viral sharing will give you much more user engagement because users can earn extra points for their friends.

With good and simple strategy, good prizes and right tools, a giveaway can be a great opportunity for increasing your Instagram engagement.

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