The New Kid on the Mobile Marketing Block

The New Kid on the Mobile Marketing BlockAny business trying to stay innovative in their marketing efforts will undoubtedly know that mobile marketing is the hottest platform for reaching large consumer bases. When checking the statistics on mobile Internet and app users, it is clear that more people use their Smartphones to check the Internet than they do on their home computers. Furthermore, the number of downloaded apps in both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Center are skyrocketing every quarter. As a result, more businesses are turning to app developers to take their brand to the next level.

The secret weapon 

It may not be too big of a secret to the tech-obsessed fractions of society, but to your average business this could be breaking news. The technology of augmented reality creates a virtual reality and casts it into our physical world. It allows users to explore a new, enriched landscape right out of science fiction where virtual components fuse to our organic, physical setting. At the same time, everyday objects are augmented by computer-generated sensory input. Game producers are scrambling to use this technology to take gaming to the next level, and slowly but surely companies are using it to market their products and services.

Companies are taking notice

One company to embrace augmented reality is the mining industry giant, De Beers. People can use their Smartphones or tablets to view rings, pendants and earrings sparkling in live 3D fashion as they escape the screen. The best mobile application development that gives companies the tools to create exceptional mobile experiences and bring them to consumers allows for this virtual realm of discovery. De Beers jumped on board, and now potential buyers can see how the jewelry sparkles and shines with precise movement. They even virtually wear the rings and pendants in a live 3D environment. The software is easy to download on the My Forevermark Fitting website, and there are even video demonstrations.

Lego, producer of the famous Danish building blocks, is another company that has embraced this technology for marketing purposes. Their retail stores across the globe offer portals where shoppers can point their Smartphones and see virtual play sets in motion. If your child is unsure as to whether or not the police station play set will be fun, simply activate the augmented reality program and see the set come to life in virtual reality with moving cars and characters.

Why it makes sense

Competition keeps businesses on their toes. It forces brands to be more innovative and original with marketing and advertising. We all know that a successful website attracts views in the first three seconds and encourages them to explore that site rather than clicking out to view a competitor’s. Marketing campaigns work the same way. They must capture the consumer’s imagination and encourage them to stay engaged with the products. Would you rather look at a catalogue of models wearing outfits, or would you rather see yourself in them via virtual 3D reality? Augmented reality will soon sweep the face of mobile marketing. Be the first in your industry to utilize this powerful resource while it is still unknown to larger circles.

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