Top 5 Business Laptops

Getting a new laptop for personal use is always a lot of fun, but does that mean that purchasing one for business use has got to be boring? Not really, as you can still get a lot of enjoyment out of looking around for one which will give you years of faithful service and look good at the same time.

Samsung RV510

We will start off with one of the best low cost options you will find right now. The specs aren’t the highest around but for a low price you get a more than decent computer which will let you do all of the basics. This is an ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t plan to push their laptop too hard but still needs one which is reliable and smart looking. The Intel Celeron T3500 is far from the most advanced you can get just now but it will let you carry out basic business tasks without any hassle.

HP EliteBook 8460p

This model costs about three times the first one we looked at but it will give you a much better performance for the money.  It weighs less than two and a half kilos and uses the Intel Core i5 2540m processor. If you are planning on driving your laptop pretty hard then you will want a fast and powerful machines such as this one, even if it means paying a reasonably hefty price tag for it.

Toshiba Tecra A11-1F4

The third business laptop on our list is priced in between the other two. The processor is an Intel Core i3 370m and the whole package is good enough to make it a sound choice. It looks a little bit more expensive looking than it really is and could be an excellent compromise deal for someone who wants to avoid the really cheap laptops but who doesn’t fancy paying too much either.

Lenovo B560 4330

We are back to a budget choice here, and there is nothing wrong with that, is there? Not all business people need to use their laptop all the time for multi tasking or carrying out complicated, resource draining tasks. If you only really want to look up your email and work on word or excel documents then the Intel Pentium P6200 will do the job nicely without you needing to splash out a lot of cash for it.

Sony Vaio Z Series

We have saved the best – and most expensive – till last for you. If what you are after is lasting quality and a performance which won’t let you down over time then it is well worth spending more for something like this Sony model. If costs more than five times the price of the cheapest laptop on this list but it also gives a far superior performance. The Intel Core i5 2410m processor is quick enough to let you carry out a number of tasks at the same time and the rest of the specs are equally impressive. Of course, it will also give you the smart, professional look you are after.

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