Motors Car Search App Review

Motors Car Search app for iOS devices is powered by UK’s popular car marketing website, which simplifies the process of finding the right car for you – be it secondhand or new. The app allows you to lookup used or new cars from its expansive database, which has more than 160,000 car entries. is UK’s second largest used cars advertisement network. It advertises cars, sold by a variety of sellers – private, car supermarkets, dealerships and large industry names. The app makes finding the best car deal just a matter of few taps; just swipe on your iPhone or iPad or any other device that uses iOS 3.0 or later. It effectively diminishes the hassle of car shopping – like going to different dealers and scoping the market.


Reading classifieds, searching on the internet or consulting with dealers only provide you with a small percentage of the potential cars that fit your preferences. Car Search app allows you access to a wider range of cars. Its robust search feature allows you to narrow down searches based on specific car features. The app is very easy to use. Its large database provides you all possible car choices – both local and national – to consider before making a decision. It not only simplifies looking for cars but also helps you compare deals, so that you can come up with an optimal solution. Here are some of its key features:


The app’s unique search feature does not limit you to lookup cars with only make and model. It allows you to refine your search results by specifying the color, body type and other details, for example black, two-door, 1.6 coupe with a surround-sound audio system. You can even set a price range on your search, further narrowing it down. It also allows you to put filter and shows a maximum of ten results at a time, so that you can compare and shortlist your desired vehicle.


To convenience the users, the app provides a “Shortlist” option, which helps you keep track of the deals you like. While searching for potential car choices, you can shortlist the deals you find attractive to revisit later.


The app really simplifies finding an ideal car in your area, without having to go to various dealers. It makes looking for cars more convenient and accessible. The search feature gives you the best bet of finding your ideal car, close to your preferences, in your locality. It has a vast database, which is updated every once in a while, so it gives you a large number of choices as compared to other ways of looking for cars. It gives sellers a platform to advertise their cars and the buyers to find good deals. It’s definitely one of the better car search apps out there. If you’re a proud iPhone owner and looking to buy a car, all you have to do is download the app and search for your desired car. Car Search app is available for download on iTunes for free.

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