Social Media hate Science and peculiarities of Human Beings

It transpires to me a just a few days ago when I was reading a news article, sorry I cannot recollect the exact headline, that made me filled with rage. So, I was looking for a way to vent my anger and frustration but strangely enough I discovered that apart from making a strong comment filled with despair and hate, there is nothing I could do. I mean, there is no such thing as Dislike button either in facebook or in Google Plus. When I regain my sense, I realized why majority of social media sites did not include such things like Dislike. The reason is simple, none of the social media websites want their sites turn into a debating platform. They want their sites to be simple and serve a world, which is a shade softer and lighter than the real world.  So, do not be an ugly duck in facebook or Google Plus or at least do not reveal your dark side because by doing so, you will not be serving any purpose.

Make It easy: Life is hard and which is why we always take resource in facebook or its like as it gives us an opportunity to create an ideal world, where all your wishes can come true. It is just like Inception, it takes years to get it built and a few negative updates, you will start losing popularity and that means, it is time to wake up to the reality. So, when updating your status, do not make it sounds too negative. Do not forget to add tinges of hope, as this will inspire others to comments. For say if you got injured in a car accident, you should not post updates focusing on the negative aspects. Rather you can post something like this – “Thanks God I am alive and did not suffer major injury”. Flood of comments are likely to follow as your updates ooze out a sense of positivity.

The Famous YouTube & Infamous People: YouTube, which is most likely a video sharing platform, has now become a platform for love-hate story lovers. However, if you have any doubt about this, check out the latest videos of Rebecca Black or Justin Beiber. Their videos are an example of how things may turn upside down when you are incorporating Dislike option in social networking sites. Their videos get almost the equal number of Dislikes and thereby making the whole thing an intense hate campaign. Though both of them have survived unscathed from this intense hate as shown on YouTube and other social networking sites, not all of us may have that courage or nerve of steel to face the situation.

It is good to be hated: However, there are some positive sides of being hated by people. Wondering what that could be? Remember Chris Chase of Yahoo. Yes the guy who made a great career in sports writing just because people hated him intensely. People listened to his shows just to make angry call to the radio station that how bad he had been throughout the interview process. I know it is a kinda negative publicity, but any kind of publicity is better than no publicity.

The good thing about being hated is that it makes it clear that people do care about what you are saying or doing. Take it this way, you are famous but not the same way as the others do. Moreover, negative publicity is more likely to shot you to fame because when people see something negative, they are more likely to be vocal about it. So, when you are seeing that there is no way you can make people love you, why not turn things in a different way and make people hate you.

Enemy Graph: Enough of this facebook friendship. If facebook has lately started you making you boring unto death, why not change things for better with Enemy Graph – an awesome application based on facebook that lets you define your enemy and guess who is the public enemy number one at the time I am writing. Yeah, it is Justin Beiber. However, public bashing of Justin Beiber has become some kind of fashion these days; but yeah, it is interesting.

Social media is hated by all: This is the most intriguing concept. It is observed that people hate social media because they believe that they are nowhere close to control what is happening in it. Remember the chaos and confusion, when Facebook introduced timeline and made it mandatory for all users. At that time, users were coming down heavily on the decision. In fact, all of us have something have in common. Yeah, we hate social media more than anything else and probably this is the reason why we spent hours on it. Sounds confusing? Yes, it is to some extent.

If You Do Not have any enemy, you do not have any friend: It is a universal truth that you cannot be liked by all the people all the time. There will always be some people who will love to hate you. However, it is good to be hated because it shows that you have a character and it also shows that some people just could not ignore you.

Michael Evans is a social media analyst and he is a contributing author to Globalserve.Com.CY that offers Cyprus Tax services. 


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