Diminishing Significance of Guest Blogging And Various Alternates For Link Building

The good or the bad thing with most SEO professionals is that whenever a strategy or a tactic clicks that starts bringing good SEO results, all of them start following the tactic until it loses its significance or gives negative results. A very few SEOs tend to diversify and look at things from a broader spectrum.

One of the most famous tactics among link building services providers is ‘guest posting’. Although this tactic has long been successful and still proves to be vital at some instances, however, with time and Google’s algorithm updates, it has lost its significance and is not that much significant anymore. The lines below explain the reasons for diminishing significance of guest posting and the alternate link building options available.

Diminishing Significance Of Guest Posting:

The only major reason why guest blogging is considered as a vital tool to link building is the immediate launch of the tactic and the fact that guest posts have more probability of receiving comments compared to ordinary blogging. However, relying solely on guest blogging has two major flaws:

  • The primary flaw is the limited or fixed number of linking domains against each article, meaning that a single article can give back links from a very limited number of domains or resources.
  • Secondly, good blogs to post on are very limited therefore, in writing for such blogs a blogger can neither lower the standards of writing nor can the blogger post on a good blog again in a lesser time.

Therefore, the significance of guest blogging has decreased, as the online world has become more dynamic and businesses want immediate results for their SEO.

Alternatives To Guest Blogging:

The key to guest blogging lies in producing great content. Therefore, if a webmaster produces great content, there are other several ways with the help of which links could be attracted. Some of the major ways of attracting links other than guest posting are given below:

Social Bookmarking- One of the most authentic and long applied tactics for building links. There are several authentic websites where quality content could be bookmarked, resulting in greater visits and quality links.

Forums- Joining different forums related to niche, participating there and resolving the queries of other participants allows the webmaster to generate backlinks. More forums the webmaster can participate in, greater the number of backlinks.

Blog Commenting- It is another good way of building quality backlinks. Most of the search engine optimization services providers rely on blog commenting as a source of building relationship with other bloggers in the industry and generating backlinks.

Q&A Sites-  Question and answer websites are also a potential source for generation of backlinks. An SEO can join different Q&A websites, resolve the queries of members there and against any resolution of query or posting of a question, the SEO can receive a backlink.

Infographics- Creating attractive and useful infographics and then making them available for others to use on the condition of receiving a backlink is another way by which a business can generate backlinks from a variety of authentic sources.

Bottom Line:

In short, although guest blogging is a valid technique for link building, but it in no case should be regarded as the only strategy for building links. Rather, an SEO must diversify the link building tactics by adopting any of the above mentioned alternates to guest blogging.

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