Marketing Your product is not tough, try these 5 awesome simple tricks

Penguin update is a reality check for all those business owners who were in the belief that securing top position in the SERP is the best thing they can do to ensure a steady growth of their business. They used to nourish a strange idea that their SEO company will take care of all the issues from better online exposure to even customers satisfactions and therefore, they were not that much attentive to provide excellent user experience and better service to their customers. What they were looking for was Link – tons of them disregarding their quality. Now, things have changed drastically. Those spammy techniques are not working anymore. So, does this mean that there is nothing you can do to market your product online? Of course not. In fact, there are tons of ways you can still market your product. Fear not, I am not going to give an account of another boring 101 SEO techniques. Nope, rather I am going to present only five proven techniques that will work for ages to come:

Free organic Search: Since you are not paying a penny to Google to get your website at the top, you should be happy with whatever position it gives you. However, you need to take care of a few things like – disallowing unnecessary pages via robots.txt, creating an XML sitemap and submitting it via Google Webmaster Tools, adding properly optimized meta data, experimenting with different variations of a web page, adding unique content in pages, setting up the canonical tag for duplicate pages, setting up cross domain canonical, fixing 404 errors and 301 redirections and many more.

Paid Advertising: Google Adwords is the best way to get found by customers exactly when they are searching for products or service related to your business. Since you are paying for each single click, you can reach out to more targeted audience regardless of their physical locations, which is almost next to impossible when it comes to organic SERP. And the best part, your website will be able to compete with other websites in equal terms. No foul playing, no spammy techniques. You pay and you are good. There are different types of advertising options available like Display advertising (banner advertising), Search Advertising etc. Take your pick.

Local Marketing: Local business listing on Google is another awesome product that you must not miss out. Just fill out a simple form and there you will go. Your business will be placed right at the top of the main SERP when searched with local keywords. You just need to have a good number of positive reviews and there you go. And never ever try to game the SERP because it is going to backfire in the long run, since Google-bot has got smart these days. Just visit this link – to get more information about this.

Email Marketing: This may sound a bit old fashioned but email marketing is the best tool available out there to get direct response from the targeted audience. It helps building great relationship and there are a lot of other things you can do with this trusted marketing tool. For say, you can offer people some exclusive offers or can ask them to do certain tasks in return of some cool gifts.

Social Media: Social media promotion is a must if you are to build long-term relationship with your customers. It helps a lot to get your business going and gaining some social traction in the SERP in the form of some Google + and the comments. You can also ask your customers to recommend you on their social circle and in this way, your message will spread. You can alternatively create a YouTube account and start sharing awesome videos therein.

Try these 5 tricks and hopefully, you would not have to bother about any algo update.

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