Gifts For The Teens In Your Life

You can’t escape them. They will be everywhere you go. Some of us even have a couple of them in our homes. They are picky and expensive and demanding and sometimes they drive us insane…alas, we love them, so we’ll spend a lot of money. Who or what are we talking about? Our beloved teenagers of course! There are a lot of things that go into the development of a healthy, well balanced teenage experience. Sometimes it is hit and miss and despite our best efforts, our kids are having a hard time. With the unrealistic expectations set by their own nuclear societies to be perfect, our teenagers are not faced with an easy road. Some argue that high school is the stomping ground and dry run for adult hood, but with all the practice, we want our children to have the best memories possible, to look back on their life and their youth and smile, not to cringe. As far as birthdays are concerned, buying for a teenager is like asking a baby to tell you what their crying means. It’s all a code and don’t even try to break it to understand it. Trends are so fleeting that your kid may want something on Monday and by the very Friday it is out of style and fashion. It is in their best interests however that we purchase gifts that not only excite them, but develop them. The older a child becomes, the more attune they must be to responsibilities and the sacrifices that go in to making them happy and to making themselves happy. We want to give our teenagers gifts that represent the things in which they are interested as well things that aren’t shackled to fashion.

Have a look just below at a couple of the best gift ideas you can give to your teenager this birthday!

Mp3 Players:

Ask any teen and they will tell you that music is a very big, very important part of their lives. Be it for studying, for working out, the topic of conversation when hanging out with friends or just impetus for their online expression of obsession – music rocks their worlds. One of the best gifts you can give your child is an mp3 player as it is a portable tool for their music fun and it will give them a sense of responsibility. Additionally, you can pre-load their mp3 gifts with some of the music you love to introduce them to a more expansive library or you can add audio books for their listening pleasure.

Online Gift Cards:

Teenagers love to socialize and will take any opportunity given to express themselves artistically. Especially in the online forum, kids love to standout and be noticed. Getting your kid an online gift card to make a purchase at their vendor of choice is an excellent way to make them feel financially independent and that’s something they are happy to show off! They can purchase iTunes or even add ons for their role-playing games.

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