Different Tools That Can Be Utilized For The Purposes of Building Links

 In the fast paced life of today, where everyone is looking to take the lead over other, there is very less time to follow the traditional processes in conducting any activity. There are a lot of accessories available in the market, that make you perform almost everything in minimum time, and with maximum outputs.

When it comes to online marketing, there are various tools available in the market, that help in facilitating different SEO processes. Link building is one such process, around which there are several tools developed. However, not every link tool is to be utilized or it can prove beneficial, rather the selection needs to be made aptly.

The tools that can be utilized in a SEO campaign pertaining to building of links are discussed below.

1. Domain Comparing Tools:

As the name indicates, this type of tools provides the information regarding different domains, and how they stand in the eyes of search engines. An SEO professional with the help of these tools can get information about sources of link acquisition, which domain to buy and so on. A good domain comparison tool must consist of the following metrics:

  • Google PageRank
  • Alexa Rank
  • Hosting country of the domain
  • Theme of the domain
  • The number of domains that are linking to your website
  • The number of backlinks your particular domain carries.

The tools used would represent all this data in the form of scorecards, among which the strongest and most favorable domain will stand prominent.

2. Competitive Link Analysis Tools:

The essence of link building strategy is in understanding and analyzing the competitors. A good tool will help in conducting a comprehensive competitive analysis pertaining to building of links. A good tool would:

  • After entering a certain keyword, provide with a list of at least ten competitors for that particular keyword.
  • Will provide information the growth of any specified domain
  • Provides a variety in selection of metrics in evaluating the specified domain

Link Checking Tools:

The name of the tool is self explanatory, these are they tools that help in checking the incoming link, verifying whether it still links to the target page or not. There are several low budget link checking tools available in the market, however, every tool is not worth trying.

  • There are two primary modes that a link checking tool should be composed of. It allows an SEO professional to check the source links against the target, or try out any combination of both target and source link.
  • In addition to the checking options, the tool must have a great set of SEO metrics against which a link is to be weighed. The greater number of metrics applied, better the results would be.
  • The link checking tool should provide with an Excel import, with the help of which a business can easily measure the outcomes of its web marketing efforts in the form of statistical data.


In short, in online marketing, the webmasters need to select the right tools to assess their marketing efforts. If a wrong tool were selected, it can simply derail the business from the road of prosperity. The above-mentioned tools factors must be considered while selecting a tool for different link building purposes.

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