Top Free Games For iPhone And Android Smartphones

iPhone and Android smartphones are by far the most popular phones in the market. Because they have the ability to connect to the Internet, you can download games with little hassle. With all of the games in the App Store and Android Market, it might be a little overwhelming trying to find out what games are the best. Freebie games are always favoured, but there are literally thousands of free games in the stores. Here is a little help.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds has quickly made a name for itself among the most addictive games for the Android and iPhone markets. The free version makes it easy to waste a little time while you are on a bus or waiting in line at the DMV. You can find Angry Birds on the App Store or through the Android Market by searching for it in the “Free” section.


Did you ever toss a paper wad into the garbage can as a way to waste time at your office? Well, PaperToss gives you a free way to hone your skills on your smartphone. Battle the winds of a fan to calculate where the paper needs to be in order to get it into the trashcan. PaperToss is also available for both platforms through the respective repositories.


If you hate creepy crawlies, AntSmasher might be the game for you. Use your finger to smash ants as they crawl across your iPhone or Android smartphone. Rack up points and watch as their guts spew onto the screen. You have three lives until it’s game over. Be sure that you don’t touch the bees. This will cost you a life. Get enough points and you can earn a new life.

Air Control

Have you ever had a fantasy of becoming an air traffic controller? Well, you can take the runway with you in Air Control. Simply load the game and then use your finger to direct the planes as they come into the airport. The game relies on multitasking so you may be able to exercise your brain a little bit. You can find Air Control through the App Store or Android Market.

Math Maniac

Math students will love Math Maniac. If you can do simple addition and subtraction, you can test your knowledge on Math Maniac. The goal is to solve the equations in 10 seconds or less. If you don’t solve the equations, you restart the game. You can download this game in the Android Market as it’s only for Android smartphones.


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