Home World News Qatar opens its first ever metro for public

Qatar opens its first ever metro for public

Qatar opens its first ever metro for public

On Wednesday, Qatar started initial operations of Doha’s Red Line connecting 13 stations from Al-Qassar ot Al-Wakrah.

Ahead of football world cup hosting in 2022, the 40 kilometers project will link arenas being built for the event and will eventually run from International Airport to Central Doha.

Touching the speed of 80 to 100 km/h, Japanese imported driverless trains are divided into three classes, Standard, Family, and Gold. Each train can accommodate 130 people. Single journey in standard compartment costs 2 riyals, whereas 10 riyals are required to experience the gold club.

The country is aiming to run 75 trains, complete 37 stations, and two more lines – Green and Gold – by the year 2020.
Qatar is currently spending 50 million USD per week on projects, to welcome the big event. The Lusail Stadium is one of the under-construction projects, which has a seating capacity of 80,000 football fans


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