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Apple reveals the NEW Mac Pro 2019

Apple reveals the NEW Mac Pro 2019

Apple debuted the new Mac Pro, a dramatically updated version of its flagship desktop computer that hasn’t been updated considerably since 2013 — at WWDC on Monday. The new entry-level configuration features an eight-core Xeon processor, 32 GB RAM, a Radeon Pro 580X graphics card, and a 256 GB SSD, and will begin shipping in the fall.

Apple’s new Mac Pro is a more traditional machine that takes creative professionals ‘ particular requirements into consideration while allowing a layer of modular interactivity with other Apple appliances that could completely alter their way of working.

The latest Mac Pro has a totally distinct design than the 2013 Mac Pro “trashcan.” It looks like a traditional desktop tower PC, though with a little more chrome and shiny metal than you’d see on most PC towers.

Where Apple has applied its engineering chops is in all the small details, such as the complex manner in which the front grille has some additional depth and texture rather than just a grid of holes. The chassis is constructed around a frame of stainless steel and it is possible to replace the feet on the bottom with wheels. You can raise the whole body of the desktop with a twist of a handle on top to get to its inside.

Apple said that the Mac Pro could be configured with a fresh, highly impressive Intel Xeon processor with up to 28 cores. Most processors at the consumer level have four to eight cores.

It can also support a huge RAM of up to 1.4 terabytes (1.400 GB). 16 GB of RAM is considered good for most people as a reference, while 8 GB of RAM is about standard these days.

The earlier Mac Pro hailed for its elegance and power in 2013, provided cutting-edge components and efficiency at a very high price. It also costs $8,099 more than two thousand dollars than today’s new model.


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