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Prime Minister Imran Khan’s special message on Independence Day

Imran Khan

14th August is an occasion to promote patriotism and national unity. People all over Pakistan celebrate Independence Day with immense enthusiasm.

On this special occasion of 73rd Independence Day, Prime Minister Imran Khan greeted the Nation and extended his heartiest felicitations to all Pakistanis, living within the country and abroad.

He said, “the day reminds us of the unmatched sacrifices rendered by our forefathers to protect and safeguard our religious, cultural and social values. It also reminds us of the objectives that led to the creation of an independent Muslim state.”

While showing his immense desire to make Pakistan just like the state of Madina, he said, “This day reinvigorates our spirit to make Pakistan stand out in the comity of nations as a dignified country. Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah envisioned a progressive Pakistan where one could lead one’s life in accordance with the golden tenets of Islam, a state where democratic norms could flourish and rule of law prevailed, and where compassion characterized the bonds between the state and citizens. To this end, the state of Madina is our model.”

He mentioned Quaid e Azam’s three principles and said, “Allah Almighty has bestowed our country with great bounties and huge resources and a bright future awaits us. Quaid’s principles of Unity, Faith & Discipline, are a beacon of light, to overcome the challenges faced by the country. Let us today rededicate ourselves to make Pakistan a developed and prosperous country. Let me emphasize here the role of Overseas Pakistanis and I am sure they will continue making us proud with their concerted efforts for the greater good of their homeland.”

On this occasion, he also paid tribute to the sons of the soil who sacrificed their lives while protecting the ideological and geographical boundaries of the motherland.

He also mentioned the on-going crisis in Indian occupied Kashmir and said, “While the Independence Day is an occasion to rejoice and celebrate, we feel saddened to see our Kashmiri brethren in IoK being subjected to the worst kind of oppression and ruthless state terrorism. The tyranny unleashed against innocent civilians has crossed all limits in total disregard to the international norms and the values of humanity and has endangered the peace of the region. Let me reassure our Kashmiri brethren that we stand by them and Pakistan will continue to provide its political, moral and diplomatic support to their just struggle for self-determination. The recent events in IoK have reinforced the Two-Nation theory envisioned by our forefathers.”

He ended, “May Allah grant us the strength to develop Pakistan on the model of state of Madina. May Allah grant us the ability to transform Pakistan in accordance with the vision of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. May Allah help us secure for our country its rightful place among the comity of nations.”


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