Qurbani – Doing the right thing in the wrong way

Without any doubt, We are all animals, and what helps us to overcome the raw instincts of our more primitive, less evolved and least...
How to make Slime at Home - Easy Home Made Recipes

How to make Slime at Home – Easy Home Made Recipes

A Couple of Years Back, Home Made slime (Occasionally Called Gak or Goop) became all the rage, with all-round kits showing up on shop...
Instagram is shutting down memes sharing accounts

Instagram is shutting down accounts sharing memes regularly

Instagram is shutting down the accounts which primarily post memes, deleting popular accounts/profiles which have millions of followers. A Facebook spokesperson tells reporters that the...
Sex Ed

Why Sex Education is important and should be a part of school curriculum?

Every one of us was pushed to school as soon as we got little consciousness. Schools, Colleges and Universities, are factories that are responsible...

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