Why Is Chocolate Bad For Dogs?

Dogs are so loved and cared for by human beings as they are called to be the best friend of human beings. They are so entertaining, cute, and loyal to their owners. Dogs watch everything we do, and they eat anything they find. But there is some food, which is extremely hazardous for the dogs. Even it can be fatal if it is not handled in time. Most people don’t realize what they are feeding their dogs while eating. But they must know what things are not good for their pets.

It is so obvious that a dog’s body is not like a human being. Sometimes small things can damage their digestive and immune system. There is a range of breeds of dogs, and everyone has different dietary restrictions.

So before thinking about a pet, you must have a deeper knowledge of what they should eat or not. Some foods such as candy, chocolates, alcohol, walnuts and macadamia nuts, and some dairy products are not good for dogs’ health.

Chocolates are the most dangerous food for dogs; even a small amount of dark chocolate can be fatal. Some facts are given below as to why chocolate is that bad for their health.

Why is Chocolate Toxic For Dogs’ Health?

The main substances in chocolates are Caffeine and Theobromine. Caffeine is not that harmful, but Theobromine, a part of the cocoa plant, is very hazardous to a dog’s immune system. There is a big difference between human and dog digestive systems.

A human can easily process Theobromine and caffeine, but a dog’s metabolism is not that strong. They take time to process these kinds of substances. That’s why Theobromine directly attacks their lungs and other organs and creates so much trouble in the dog’s body.

Almost all chocolates are harmful to dogs, but dark chocolate, cocoa, and baked chocolate are considered the most damaging. The darker the chocolate is, the more dangerous it is. White chocolate is the least harmful, but it can also be fatal in a big amount. Most of the time, the signs are not visible, so it becomes so dangerous for a dog’s health.

What Will Happen After Your Dog Eats Chocolate?

If a dog eats chocolate, it will show the symptoms in 6-12 hours. It also depends on the weight and size of your dog and the amount of chocolate it eats. Suppose there is a small dog or dog with any current health issues or pregnancy. Then a small amount of chocolate can have a bad impact on their health.

They will suffer from seizures, tremors, and irregular heartbeat, or they can die. On the other hand, if you have a healthy and medium-size dog, a small amount of chocolate can cause small damage to their immune system. Vomiting, stomach pain, and diarrhoea are the problems; they will face after eating chocolates.

What To Do If Your Dog Ate Chocolate?

If you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms in your dog, immediately call your dog’s veteran. And if you see your dog eating chocolate or you have a doubt, then take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the symptoms to show up. It will help you to treat your dog without any casualties. And give all the information about the amount and type of chocolate to the vet.

Take the wrapper of that chocolate with you, if it is possible. This can help the vet to treat your dog according to it. The most important thing is, do not try to treat your dog at home; this will make it worse.

Ideas to Keep Your Dog Away From the Chocolates And Other Harmful Items

You must keep chocolate products such as chocolate powder, cocoa powder, or chocolate drinks away from the reach of dogs to keep them safe. You can put it on the high shelves and in the places where your dog cannot reach it.

Many people use electric dog fences to train their dogs, and this gives a small amount of electric shock when it tries to cross the boundary. This shock is not much harmful, and this helps to teach them to stay within the boundaries. It also keeps them safe from other animals. There is a term “leave it” to train your dog to leave the things that are not supposed to be eaten or taken by them. It is always wise and recommended to have such products from reputed vendors to get the best value for money and outstanding results like Pet Stop.

Dogs are the most loved species on earth, and they are the best companions. So, we have to make them safe. It’s miserable to lose your pet by a small mistake. So, make sure to teach them to stay away from unhealthy food items and learn to feed them the appropriate diet as well. And tell the children of your family and outsiders not to feed chocolates or any other harmful things to the dog.