A wake up call to reconsider your priorities

A wake up call to reconsider your priorities

The most highlighted issue in every inch of this world right now, the COVID-19 has turned upside down every single piece of this lego world, which humans had created over the years. The proud humans of this era, considering themselves as the best of the all times might have forgotten that there were billions of their kind which are now known to none.

Besides the cultural and climatical elements that have been positively affected by this progressive pandemic, there are a few more collateral attributes that are also worth mentioning. In this period of self-isolation/quarantine, I discovered a few things that I used to take for granted, and this time has made me realized the true worth of those little things in life.
As narrated by Naeem Bukhari, Patras Bukhari (famous Urdu writer) wrote that a friend is the one, whom you are happy to be around, even when there is no talking at all.

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Almost every other day I see my friends on screen, but I really miss being around them. I now realize the true value of a firm handshake, a warm hug, and the magical eye contact which itself speaks so loud that no words can justify with that. No matter where we used to go, the moments spent together were so precious because of the people around me present in actual.

I now realize that it is not about ME, no matter how much I achieve in this life, it is indeed about the US. Even if I achieve every single goal of my life, whom I am going to celebrate it with? But if I am surrounded by friends, even my failures won’t hurt me much. Life is no fun when you do not have anyone around to share it with.

Take out some time, and prioritize things in your life wisely. Not everything you believe important is actually that important. A small gesture of love can do wonders that no money can buy. Start valuing people around you and minimize the negativity.

Saqib Khan
I am an accountant with over 3 years of experience in the field of Accounts and Finance. I contribute to e-Syndicate as Researcher and News Writer. I write about Finance, Business, Local Pakistani News and International Finance.