We often hear from interested customers and entrepreneurs that they are reluctant to request an animated video. Real movie videos are colorful and emotional and you can show products and services “live”. However, this can also be done with animated and drawn videos.

Rather, what is important is what goals you are pursuing and what you ultimately want to convey. In addition, Animated Explainer Videos bring even more advantages than real films.

The 6 top advantages of animated videos:

Timeless with a Long Quality of Life

No matter whether a cheap or expensive real film spot or an old advertising film from the 1970s, it is simply outdated and is reluctantly used. Even videos from the 90s are already “old school” today. Animated videos, however, are timeless. And if there is something out of date in the video, you can edit it later.

Visually More Influential

In times of flood of information, it becomes more and more difficult to get the right messages from the clear animations to place the receiver. In real films, just like in real life, there are often too many messages on the visual level like signs, information, explosions, people, traffic, etc.

Humans are overwhelmed by this and can only absorb a minimal percentage. With an animation you can convey a simple and focused view of the story better and clearer.

Lower Production Costs

The cost of filming is eliminated because you do not need an actor, a film team, or permits for the locations. In addition, there is the advantage that the most expensive real film sequences, such as explosions, helicopter flights or action scenes can be easily and cheaply implemented through animation.

Explain Abstract Ideas Better

Especially when it comes to videos as corporate films, where processes and structures are usually integrated or background knowledge from technology, science or IT is to be integrated, a visual representation is helpful. Abstract processes can be animated by shapes, colors, steps to implement in a real film.

Statistics and Graphics

Statistics and graphics can be displayed better if you want to integrate facts and figures into the corporate film, it becomes difficult with a real film. Nothing is more attractive than packing powerful numbers into pictures and animating them dynamically and emotionally.

It is more Universal

Anyone who has seen an old Asian fight film or a commercial knows what is meant. The appearance of the actors, the accessories or the location reflect a lot about the location and the culture.

That can be wonderful. However, when it comes to winning over or convincing customers at an international level, it can be a barrier.

With animated videos, you can depict neutral figures and objects in order to address as many cultures as possible. Of course, real film videos have their justification and are certainly an effective and good marketing tool in the video marketing area. But ultimately it depends on the goals, intentions and values ​​that you want to convey, as well as the budget that plays a role in the considerations.


Explanatory videos are much more exciting for the user than pure text information. The user’s attention is therefore kept longer – not least because the effort of reading is eliminated. So there is nothing standing in the way of successful knowledge transfer!

In addition, your customers, viewers or users will rarely remember the content of A4 pages of text. What you will definitely remember is an entertaining story that is packed in an animated ex

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