Another heatwave likely to hit Karachi from Sunday

KARACHI: Another heatwave is likely to hit Karachi with temperature shooting up to 40°C by Sunday.

According to a warning given by the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), extremely hot weather is likely to grip the port city from September 22 to 24.

“A low-pressure system is forming in India’s Gujrat which can cause a partial heatwave to hit the city,” said PMD Director Sardar Sarfaraz.

“The temperature will rise to 40 degrees centigrade,” he added.

Sea breeze is expected to stop during the two days, he said, adding that there is no prediction for rain.

Earlier this year in June, Karachi stifled as temperatures rose to 42°C with the city under the grip of a heatwave triggered by Cyclone Vayu in the Arabian Sea.

Medical experts had advised people to remain indoors from 11am to 3pm to remain safe from the effects of hot weather.

Maleeka Zehra
There are hundreds of ways to tell a truth but the one which hurts most is the appropriate one. I am a researcher and writer at e-Syndicate Network who writes on multiple categories, I write knowing the importance of truth and lies.