PM Imran Khan files defamation suit against Najam Sethi for 10 billion rupees

PM Imran Khan files defamation suit against Najam Sethi for 10 billion rupees
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Prime Minister Imran Khan has sent a defamation notice to senior TV anchor Najam Sethi for 10 billion rupees over his misleading statements regarding his personal life. The action was facilitated by Babar Awan, in which it was mentioned that no leniency would be considered for any bogus news about the Prime Minister. The notice said, “It is earnestly prayed that a permanent injunction be issued against the defendant and in favor of the plaintiff, where under restraining defendant for not making any defamatory and slanderous comments against the plaintiff till the final decision of this case,”

Premier’s counsel Awan said that the defamation practices must be stopped, as they are harming the character of the person and they are also a violation of the law.

Najam Sethi made unethical and shameful claims regarding the marital life of the Prime Minister which were also against the rules of the PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority). Earlier, the channel (24 News) along with Najam Sethi was directed by the PEMRA to air an apologetic statement for sharing bogus news regarding the Prime Minister in the program (Najam Sethi ke sath). PEMRA had also fined the channel for 1 million rupees.

Najam Sethi, who is the former chairman of PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) has also been the part of the government and is considered as a supporter of PML-N. He was also accused of alleged rigging in elections held in 2013 in favor of PML-N. Later the elections, PTI raised the issue which was widely known as (35 punctures). As a response to the above said notice, Sethi tweeted that, “Good question! I am still waiting for insaf from the court even though IK later publicly admitted there was no truth in his “political statement!”

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