Babusar Pass, Pakistan – Safety Measures and Travel Guide

Babusar Pass, Pakistan – A Vacation Guide

Babusar Pass or Babusar Top having an elevation of 4,173 meters or 13,691 feet is a mountain pass at the north of the Kaghan Valley connecting it to Chilas on the Karakoram Highway (KKH).

Every year it gets closed due to heavy snowfall in winter and when glacier melt starts in Northern Region of Pakistan, the snow-covered path starts making it’s road visible and able to travel for tourists in mid of July and it all goes naturally. From the mid of July up to the end of September, the road beyond Naran is open right up to Babusar Pass but it still remains a risky high pass where dozens of accidents take place every year due to land sliding in monsoon season.

People used to rush towards Naran and Babusar Pass after Eid ul Fitr which was a safe duration to pass through or visit Babusar Top. This year Eid happened earlier than the last 4-5 years, at the start of June. Local Authorities, Northern Investors and Travel Companies have played with the life of Millions of People by letting it open in an artificial way on 20th of June because the only thing they care about is their profit.

Since the roads are made clear artificially, the snow has only been replaced from the roads, not from the mountain and top. So the cars stuck in traffic at Babusar Top due to slippery roads condition and a huge gathering of tourists around the country are susceptible to the avalanche and land sliding. One section of Avalanche can fall on multiple of proportions of road. Due to snowmelt, road conditions are also dangerous due to which cars can slip away from the corners into the deep valley as there are no safety barriers around the road and peak seasons are full of amateur drivers. The road downing towards chilas is very dangerous and is full of deadly turns so don’t get overconfident of your driving skills. Everyone knows how skillful and expert you are. There is a list of accidents happened last year.

Also the negative curiosity and manner less nature of tourists is also noticeable. Multiple times they were warned to let the dish getting little cold before eating or you will get your tongue burn. News channels have mentioned about traffic conditions in Naran Valley and recommended to refrain from traveling to Naran Valley as hotels are overfilled and people are resting in camps with zero resources and facing mismanagement but our people are immune to such warnings and precautions and keep pushing themselves into danger.

Wise and sane people will wait for the Babusar Pass to be open naturally till the mid of July. We advise you to stay away from groups and pages related to travel and tour companies on the social media platform. They don’t care about your life. The only thing they care about is their business and profit.

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