Emirates Launches World’s Shortest Flight On An Airbus A380

Emirates Launches World's Shortest Flight On An Airbus A380

Today, on Monday, 1 July-2019, Emirates- UAE based airline marked another record and broke its own record of previously operating the World’s shortest scheduled A-380 flight between Dubai and Doha, Qatar. Emirates airline launched the world’s shortest A-380 Flight from Dubai to Muscat.

Emirates posted a video and announced on its tweeter account today: “Today we made history by launching the world’s Shortest A380 Flight between Dubai and Muscat. Join us in celebrating the 349 Km journey with our shortest inaugural flight video ever (3.49 seconds).”

“The average flight time (40 minutes) between Dubai and Muscat is only 5 minutes more than a time taken to clean an Airbus A-380 by a team of 42 people.” The airline revealed on a series of tweets on Monday.

“The wiring on Airbus A-380 (500 Km) is longer than the distance between Dubai and Muscat (340 Km),” it added.

The Divisional Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations Centre, Emirates said:
“The introduction of the A-380 services to Muscat means more of our clients will have the opportunity to experience our industry-leading products on board and will also enhance choice and travel preferences as they plane their journeys. Oman is an important destination for Emirates and we will continue to look at ways to grow our operations in the market to best serve our customers.”

The aircraft was configured with 429 economy seats on the lower deck. Upstairs, there were 76 business class flatbed seats and 14 first class private suites.

A second daily flight EK864 will depart Dubai at 4.10 pm and land in Muscat by 5.25 pm. The return leg will leave Muscat at 7.05pm, and land in Dubai by 8.15pm.

PS: The world’s shortest A380 SuperJumbo flight is still much longer than the world’s shortest commercial flight which can be completed in just 47 seconds. Loganair operates the route between two of Scotland’s Orkney Islands, Westray, and Papa Westray. The official flight duration is two minutes, but with ideal wind conditions, the trip can be completed in 47 seconds.

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