Pakistan is close to accomplish persistent peace and stability – COAS

Pakistan is close to accomplish persistent peace and stability – COAS

Speaking at the International Strategic Institute of Studies in London, Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa said that, Pakistan is close to accomplishing the goal of persistent peace and stability.

On Saturday, he spoke to the seminar held at the Institute on “Pakistan’s Regional Security Perspective”. Director General ISPR Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor tweeted the COAS’s statement as, “Pak is at the cusp of achieving sustainable, irreversible, enduring peace & stability. This can be complemented through meaningful international partnership, support & will to take on regional challenges. Improved security offers foreign investment in Pakistan, a pivot to regional connectivity. However, the future of enduring peace and stability in South Asia hinges on the ability to resolve issues & long pending disputes within the region”

Pakistan has suffered a lot in the past decade while fighting against the internal insurgencies. Many fascinating natural sites in the north of the country were destroyed and massive losses were sustained due to loss of tourism apart from the irrecoverable loss of human lives. Pakistan Army also lost many brave in the line of fire to bring peace in the region and now after the long struggle, the situation is much better.

Local infrastructure has been restored and the region is at peace. Local tourism has revived and it has also attracted the foreign tourists to witness the northern natural beauty and the mountain ranges, which are by far the most charming aspect of this country. Army played a vital role in the sweeping and restoration process of the region and now the COAS Gen. Bajwa is positive that Pakistan is near to achieve the goals of long term prosperity and peace. He has shared similar remarks on various occasions that the country is focused to achieve peace and stability.

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