BuzzFeed is blocked again in Pakistan

BuzzFeed is blocked again in Pakistan

While trying to reach out to some trends, we found that BuzzFeed is not responding, Once again. This is not the first time we’ve to block the website. Back in 2013 BuzzFeed and Toronto Sun were blocked along with YouTube, for blasphemous content.

Ministry of Religious Affairs and Inter-faith Harmony has established Web Evaluation Cell that recommends sensitive web sites to PTA. More than 6000 websites are banned in Pakistan. Firewall system does not have a defined structure. Every Government imposes new policies and the other changes it. And this chasing the tail strategy goes on and on.

China has its impenetrable social media policy for decades. A policy that even Google (A company with an annual budget greater than some countries) couldn’t mold.  On the flip side, Estonia has a completely digital public sector. Starting from the health sector to taxes, to bills payment, border crossing, and filling cases online.

With the world going digital, It’s time that Pakistan also structure its social media policy.

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