Record growth marked by Pakistan Post, as revenue boosts by Rs.60 million

Record growth marked by Pakistan Post

In a statement, Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Service, Murad Saeed claimed that Pakistan post has increased its revenue from Rs.8 billion to Rs.14 billion within a year. He gave the credit of this growth to the Prime Leader and suggested that under his vision all public sectors would become profitable organizations instead of facing downfall.

Saeed announced that post services are soon going to launch a project “Made in Pakistan Products” throughout the world. He added that the service would bring revolutionary changes in the sector of Logistic Cell.

He said that if public departments face loses, then the money of public exchequers have to be spent on such departments for recovery instead of investing in education or health sectors.
Pakistan Post has also asked for one more carriage from Pakistan Railway, as the business has significantly increased. Saeed said that through E-commerce, the service has transferred 46,000 parcels.

The post service is also planning to launch the Foreign Remittance Initiative (FRI) for overseas Pakistanis to offer them free of cost money transfer service. FRI is aiming to capture the Hawala-Hundi market, worth 20 billion USD, and encourage them to remit cash through legal means.

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