MimAR at Momentum Tech Conference ’19

MimAR at Momentum Tech Conference 2019

Builders can’t explain the design to clients via conventional visualization techniques, clients being unable to understand design or experience as on real site, hence reducing a potential sale. To cater, some builders use the costly ‘model house’ method. Phone-based AR product, helping to visualize to-be-constructed designs in real time on real site.

The client experiences design as ‘ALREADY CONSTRUCTED ON THE ACTUAL SITE IN REAL TIME’, viewing building against natural context, via AR. They also get to interact, experience different spaces around, play with textures and types of furniture, etc.

The total market potential is over 653 million rupees. This has been estimated by first estimating the number of potential customer firms in the market.

We have estimated them to be 400 in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi. The addressable market is not individuals, rather construction businesses who sell pre-built designs via real estate marketing using 3d visualization, being ideally users of smartphones/tabs to show their designs to clients.

400 potential client firms present in three major cities of Pakistan, it is more so due to the fact that our target customers are primarily builders that are selling unbuilt or pre-built structures to their end customers. Our biggest challenge right now is to determine the right type of real estate market and approach them with the right type of available services.

We are currently incubated at NIC Islamabad in the 5th cohort.

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