eShagird at Momentum Tech Conference ’19

eShagird at Momentum Tech Conference

eShagird is an online education platform headquartered in Islamabad. The main aim of eShagird is to make quality education accessible and affordable for everyone. We are initially working on competitive exams in Pakistan such as MDCAT, ETEA, etc.

We have completed the first phase and have launched the app which includes online practice tests with video explanations and reasons for the medical entrance test. Students can prepare themselves for the main run by practicing on the eShagird app.

Our aim is to make sure that more and more students get admission in medical and engineering colleges by practicing on our app. Best app for ETEA/MDCAT MCQs. If you don’t believe, try it once.

This app is for sure better than other apps for ETEA/MDCAT preparation because of the following reasons.

1. This ETEA/MDCAT app gives reasons/solutions to MCQs where needed.
2. This ETEA/MDCAT app offers instant revision of MCQs of every chapter.
3. You can also take a free test of every chapter separately to prepare for ETEA/MDCAT.
4. Online tests are also available which gives you real-time test experience.
5. Attempt online tests and compare yourself with thousands of other students before the main test.
6. You will get a detailed analysis of your performance; correct, incorrect and skipped MCQs.
7. In online tests, you also get video explanation and reasons for almost every MCQ.
8. You don’t have to go to an academy for test series.
9. Online tests on this app are affordable and also save you time. 10. It has a user-friendly interface.


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