5 Ways to Write Impressive ‘ABOUT ME’ with Examples

5 Ways to Write Impressive ABOUT ME

Writing ‘About Me’ may seem an easy task apparently but it’s clearly not. It’s not only about always presenting yourself in a goodly manner but also engaging your audience to develop their interest in knowing you and your life.

Almost every other job portal or social media platform like Linkedin requires a descriptive introduction so that recruiters or members could receive the desired knowledge about their potential candidates or know about them just for the sake of knowing.

Whether it’s about an early beginner or an experienced professional, everybody needs to show their impressive and true side at some point in their life so they could inspire others. This is your chance to express yourself in the best possible way.

Therefore, these 5 ways will structure your sentences and will assist to create an impressive ‘About Me.’

  1. Conduct a little Research about Yourself

You’ll be amazed by the response about how much information you could receive about yourself that you don’t know about. Usually, it’s the contrary as people expect to know about themselves better than anyone else but that indeed is not true. Brief research from your colleagues, friends or family could help you identify yourself from a different point of view. This research is not only limited to knowing about yourself but it could also benefit to find your good and bad habits too.

  1. Self-Explanatory session

Now, this technique is new but it will promise to develop a true and deeper level understanding about you. Just stand in front of the mirror for five minutes and discuss yourself. Ask yourself about five each good and bad things each about you by looking straight into the mirror. Then try answering the same. If you probably know all of them it means you are good at it and if you don’t which is mostly the case, means you need some more time to be clear about yourself.

  1. Write your findings on a paper

After figuring out the two points above comes the responsibility of compiling all your findings. List down all the good and the bad points about yourself and then write them down on the paper before presenting them to the audience. Now you are ready to write about yourself.

  1. Create Unique or Bold Punches

Profile reading becomes boring if it’s written in straight forward words. Therefore, create unique punches and add them in your profile to engage your audience. For Instance, an entrepreneur who also loves singing can add punches like ‘An entrepreneur with awesome singing capabilities’ just to add a little bit of humor these days or exhibit a more serious side by adding bold punches like ‘A Human Activist and or Social Game Changer.’

  1. Honesty is the best policy

Remember to show your true side by writing about yourself using your own words. Do mention your accomplishments and progress but don’t sugarcoat stuff just for the sake of getting more admirers. Focus on getting true admirers who know your worth.

What to write?

Make sure to find and fit the right pieces of the puzzle. Use an appropriate structure to represent your words like the title, the main body, the center and then the conclusion.

Here’s a short and simple overview for you.

Good day to all my fellows. My name is Carl Rodgers. I have 5 years of experience as a Traveler Counselor and an Expeditionist. I realized my passion for traveling when I was in High School, I was almost 17 years old when I literally jumped off the cliff, thanks to the parachute, I landed back alive and finally discovered my dream.

My qualifications include a degree earned from XYZ University in tourism and hospitality management. Currently, I am practicing my German language skills to guide more passionate travelers like me. I have traveled mostly in places like China, Japan, Hungary, Germany, etc. and planning to hit a new spot soon.

My competencies include speaking multi bilingual languages and understanding sign languages.

An online tool to help you express yourself better on resumes and online professional platforms; about.me

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