The recent tension between India and Pakistan, explained

Tension arises between the two nuclear-armed countries, India and Pakistan and continues to escalate further.

India deliberately launched an airstrike on Pakistani territory on Tuesday morning, 28 Feb 2019. It was claimed as a response from India for the suicide bomb attack that killed dozens of Indian troops in Kashmir earlier this month.

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is all set out to avenge the death of his soldiers that were killed during the attack and considers whole Pakistan as a major threat in the future.

To address this issue, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has called out a special session with the National Command Authority that oversees the country’s nuclear weapons, according to the New York Times.

The recent turmoil has generated a lot of hateful reacts on social media between Indians and Pakistanis while some are concerned about the unforeseen circumstances that could lead to potential war.

The deliberate act on Tuesday represents India’s most significant airstrike against Pakistan in 50 years. Though, both the countries have been engaged in various conflicts since decades but the condition is more critical this time.

The massive suicide attack killed dozens of Indian soldiers in Kashmir in a part that’s under India’s control. Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) who claims to be an Islamist militant group accepts the responsibility of the attack that fueled more hate between the countries. The group is a terrorist organization as declared by the US Department, United Nations, UK, and even India. Pakistan has already banned the JeM group from entering in Pakistan due to their ongoing terror attacks in India.

However, Pakistan’s Prime Minister has already vowed that if India decides to continue further allegations and attacks, Pakistan will retaliate too.

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