Why You Should Work in FM

FM, or facilities management to give it its full title, is a career that offers so much to anyone who wants to get started in it. Whether this is your first job search or you’re looking to change careers, choosing FM is a great idea – there are numerous benefits, and each day is going to be different. Here are just some of the reasons why you should work in FM.

Diverse Opportunities

Within FM itself there are many different opportunities available to those looking for a job. No matter what skills you have, no matter what level you’re starting at, no matter what experience you might have (or not have), there will be a place for you within this sector.

If you’re not sure what kind of qualifications or skills you need, just start searching around for FM jobs and you might find that you already have everything you need. Even things such as knowing how to create PCBs or wiring a plug or knowing the basics of PYTHON or web development will all potentially come in useful. The great thing about FM is that no matter what you enjoy doing, there will be a job for you to do it in.

The Chance To Travel

Within FM’s many varied roles there are plenty of chance to travel. This might be nationally or internationally depending on which company you work for and your role is within that company.

FM specialists are needed all over the world, so you could find that you are asked to travel to many different places where you can do a job you enjoy and see new sights. Plus, if you wanted to move areas or even countries, you will still be able to find a new job when you are settled in your new location because FM, as we’ve said, is required across the world.

Lots Of Growth

FM is one sector that is seeing huge growth when it comes to employment. The forecast is that this is set to continue, so if you want to find a job with plenty of opportunity for advancement as well as job security, FM could be the ideal sector for you. For some facts and figures, did you know:

  • Around 10% of the working population in the UK work in some form of FM
  • FM contributes eight percent of GDP to the UK economy per year
  • Over half of all FM employers are expecting growth and the need to employ more workers

Good Pay

Something that is always going to arise when it comes to finding a job and starting a career is the pay. When it comes to FM, the news is good: the salaries are often above average (although this will depend on your qualifications and the role you apply for) and there tend to be great benefits thrown in too including private health insurance and pensions. Plus, unlike many sectors, FM workers have seen recent pay rises.

Flexible Working

The demands of FM are 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and although at first that might seem as though it’s going to impact on your work life balance, it’s actually a positive thing. Working in a team means that, although someone will need to be available at all times, that won’t always need to be you, and your working times can often be as flexible as you need them to be.