3 Reasons why you need to work on Work-Life balance

3 reasons why you need to work on work-life balance

According to Mental Health practitioners, a human being has the tendency to collapse when pressured with extra amount of work without any source of entertainment which is why countries like China or Japan allow their citizens to take power naps or short breaks during work. The research is mainly based on rationalization for the common beings to keep an equal amount of balance between the work and social life.

What is work and life balance?

This is a merely term that generates realization about maintaining an equal composition between the two important lives i.e. professional and social life.  Both are necessary and unavoidable part of the human life.

The balance between both the lives demand equal amount of attention while too much excessive amount of attention towards one side could lead to dullness or fatigue and develop an unhealthy state of mind.

Physically, the excessiveness of work could drain out all the energy from the body causing it to react to sensitivity giving rise to symptoms like fever, weakness, dullness, depression etc. While mentally, the mind becomes incapable of thinking and spaces out time to time. Overall the scenario could be worse which is why it’s really important to value work and life both and at the same time work out on work-life balance.

Here are the three main reasons why work on work-life balance is compulsory.

1. Enhances Productivity and Efficiency

To err is human, which is why humans need a healthy mind and stable body to conduct fewer mistakes and produce greater outcomes. The modern theory proves that people who are encouraged to play and have fun generally deliver more productivity and their efficiency enhances twice their stamina.

2. Improves Mental Health and Well being

A better working environment supports the welfare of its employees’ well-being and provides them with the flexibility to work comfortably. This is not only good for the health of the employees but also for the organization itself.

3. Draws a line between work and life

Managing work and life together should not be a burden but rather it should be a breath of fresh air for the lives of the people. Drawing out necessary line between both of them daily becomes a part of routine life only if implemented effectively. This means that one becomes what one adopts so choose a better life for yourself and value your family, friends and colleagues.

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