Is your data safe with the new AI Technology?

Is your data safe with the new AI Technology

According to a survey conducted as per PWC reports, ‘More than 20% organizations are in favor of implementing the new AI Technology to support their business operations.’ The scope and implementation of Artificial Intelligence throughout the business processes have been planned out to enhance in 2019.

While the implementation of AI Technology is escalated to raise the global economic value up to $15.7 trillion by 2030, it has also increased sudden doubts among the individuals and the companies about the security of their data that precludes them to adopt the new technology.

Let’s know how the AI Algorithm works

The modern Algorithms work by calculating result-driven techniques used in gigantic data mining and data processing. Don’t get too ahead since the data is all controlled, it doesn’t mean that it’s always correct.

The term ‘Algorithm’ has evolved around and utilized in the subject of calculus is now freely advocated in the marketing and technology sectors as well. The Algorithms used in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are chained together with a line of codes that orders the computer to carry out specific tasks or speed up the process of data analysis.

Imagine sorting out tons of data from a heap and extracting the bits and pieces of the required information through it. Well, this is how the modern data technology works and sorts out all the data automatically by expediting the process within seconds.

Is your data really safe with AI Technology?

This certainly challenges the entire existence of the modern AI Technology if it’s meant to reduce the data complexities, why would it generate fear of data invasion in the minds of its users in the first place?

The ‘invasion of privacy’ reportedly started to increase since 2016 when the use of modern algorithms signaled the users about the supply of exorbitant data for the personal benefit of certain organizations.

To scale the usage AI Technology, it has yet to meet the demand of certain AI skills that restricts the violation of data rights of the users and secures their personalized information by hunting down the vile intentions of certain ambiguities.

As per Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation that went live in May 2018, the prevention of certain user data rights will be protected and the transparency of the users’ data will be kept intact at all levels. The organizations in 2019 will be complying by such principles and bearing any consequences regarding the misuse of ‘Big Data’ in terms of AI technologies.

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