Key Benefits of Email Marketing every Marketer in 2019 Should Know

Key Benefits of Email Marketing in 2019

The concept of email marketing has been around for quite some time now. The success of email marketing points out to its effectiveness in helping organizations achieve their marketing objectives. Email, as a practice, is being used by billions of people as a medium of communication, whether in professional or private practice. Email marketing is simply about pitching a communication to a community of internet users, subscribe them to services and updates and target them with promotional messages and offers. This is the most basic understanding of email marketing, but businesses around the world have modified the concept to its great lengths and developed different variations and strategies to effectively execute email marketing in winning customers and turning them into sale leads.

There are some key people who have been the flagbearers of email marketing as a practice. One of them remains Thomas Wos, an entrepreneur, marketing expert, author, consultant, and investor who is most notably known as the Founder and CEO of WOS Swiss Investments AG and Unlimited Emails. Thomas is one of those people who has reshaped the entire practice of email marketing that is being currently pursued by different marketing agencies and Fortune 500 companies around the world. He has remained a key player who got a $30 million investment for Unlimited Emails. Till date, he has managed to pay back the investment and acquire the majority of the shares of his company. With an experience of 17 years, he has also written two books – “Onlineshops: Von Anfang an auf Erfolgskurs” and “Modernes Onlinemarketing: Was Newbies und Kleinunternehmer wissen sollten”. You can also find it on Amazon.

Email Marketing has the following key benefits:

  • It is a great way to reach your target audience: It is more effective than advertising to a mass audience and carpet bombing a message because you may come across as off-putting to customers and potential customers. Every user has an option to subscribe and unsubscribe from your email pitches, which gives them liberty and empowerment that they need as customers. Plus, you can filter out the behavior of your subscribers based on the patter of their interaction to your emails.
  • Analytics: Data and numbers are important to put forth a conclusion regarding any business. It is difficult to learn the insights and resulting statistics which come as a result of any marketing decision. However, a business can track how effective is their email marketing strategy by learning from the key metrics available at easy access.
  • Cost effective: It is ridiculously cheap to executive because it does not involve any advertising fees, compensations, commissions or a whole budget involving different operational costs.
  • Brand awareness: Through email, your potential customers can learn about your brand and its product or service. This depends on you how well you can design an email template and pitch which can effectively cover all key points that need to be communicated about your brand and the extent of promotion which would be suitable for an average customer.
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