How To Get Into The Fashion Industry

Every fashion business has to start somewhere. From independent boutiques to world renowned designer labels, no business was born overnight. Hours of work goes into creating an iconic fashion brand. It’s no secret that breaking into the fashion industry is notoriously difficult, but if you have the will and determination, it’s completely achievable. See below some top tips on how to get into the fashion industry:


Training and Qualifications

There are many different types of jobs in the fashion industry, and not everyone who wants to work in fashion has aspirations to have their own label. As there is a wide range of job roles available, you need to think early on about what it is you’d like to do in the fashion industry. For example are you artistic and creative? Or are you more business minded with an interest in fashion? Courses in textiles, art, English and business can all open up doors for a career in fashion. Training and education is important for a career in fashion, hence where there are a plethora of fashion business schools up and down the country.


Network Everywhere

Fashion is like many other creative industries, often it’s about who you know. There are a number of networking events that encourage fashion hopefuls to network with industry experts. You should attend an event at least every few months to keep in-the-know about the goings on in the industry. You’ll be able to talk to other designers who are starting up their own designer lingerie brand, as well as those who work behind the scenes. Make sure you have your business card at the ready to connect with people after the event.


Intern At A Brand  

One of the best ways to get into the fashion industry is to get on-hands experience. Hand your CV into 40 or so brands and you may just get a few responses. You might be asked to help with the daily running of the company, or you may even get the opportunity to work shadow one of the executives. All experience is valuable, and also provides you with an excellent reference for you CV in future.


Write A Blog

Practically every fashion blog is started by someone who wants a career in fashion or journalism. It can also be a way to get yourself noticed. Write about your experiences in the fashion industry thus far, your favourite brands and anything happening in the fashion world that you think readers might like to see.

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