Hard Choices: TOP 7 Giant Companies to Work in Orlando

They, who live in Orlando, think that they live in the happiest place on an Earth. Millions of tourists come to visit this place every year and they actually think the same. This is a world of entertainments. People come here with their friends and families to spend their time in the funniest way with joy and laugh. They can easily take the cheapest and well-equipped car from Green Motion Orlando with the help of useful app and visit one amusement park after another. Of course, this is what you used to think of Orlando! Nevertheless, this is not only the best place to have fun but a favorable business platform. Do you believe this? There are many local companies that do everything they can for the sake of their staff.

Do you want to find the best one?

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If you want to find the best company to work at, there are few important questions to ask. What questions? You may use a guide below and do your own research, of course:

  1. How many locations the company has?
  2. What is the company history?
  3. Who you’ll be working with? So, you can realize the scope of work.
  4. What is the perspective in career growth?
  5. What are the benefits and healthcare policy?

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The main office of Bishop is located in the center of Orlando. This is a kind of real estate company that is specialized on sales and consulting. It always takes care of its workers a lot. They organize corporative parties with karaoke, home-made snacks, diving and even bungee jumping. The company can boast a favorable atmosphere for work, rest and professional growth. This is the biggest estate company in Florida but still on the friendliest one in the USA.


Crossman is a company that is specialized in commercial real estate with a full complex of services. It’s all about consulting, finance lease, growth and development. They pick only high skilled people for their company. Also, they do much to entertain and make their employees live in peace and quiet. They like arranging parties on different topics, like making an important contract, Paella party, ice-cream day. They do believe that motivated employees are the best employees.

Chatter Buzz Media

Meet another giant company that does everything they can for people they work with. This is an international marketing agency that can boast their individuality and integrity. They have an interesting educative program for their staff members that is called Learn & Lunch. This is a kind of dinner where all members gather together for dinner to discuss their plans for future. They do appreciate working experience of every staff member!

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Active Engage

This corporation pays special attention to friendly environment in their company. The staff members actively participate in charity meetings, sport competitions. They do everything to make staff happy! Also, there are special benefits for members: free dinner, fitness center, birthday parties, rest room. A special event manager organizes everything and checks all events are done at a high level. They read people feedbacks and give advices about organization to the direction. Happy staff works better!

Purple Scissors

Meet one of the most popular creative digital agencies in Florida! They do care about people comfort and happiness. They do believe only happy staff can be productive. They have free dinners and drinks, paid vacation, free training, football team, nutritionist and psychologist. Summer events include movie parties, happy Fridays and others.


This recruiting agency is proud of their staff members. They have modern and innovative approach to all and everyone in policy, finance, entertainment. The company provides mentorship, summer employee gateways, sport events, volunteering. The highest award for employees is so-called Fire Ring that supposes to give a free business vacation to such metropolis cities as New York and Mexico.

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One Hope

This organization is more than 18 years. It is one of the best companies that develop social programs for kids and families. Their mission is as simple as ABC and very important one. They protect families and kids. Their employees can be awarded with Star and Galaxy award monthly. Star awards are for leaders and Galaxy is for teams. So, what are the most attractive bonuses? They provide a Gratitude Week for personnel with games and presents. In addition to this, staff members take part in the Sunshine Coin Program. This is a sort of event where you can be awarded with a golden coin for your good work.

These companies are the biggest and respectful corporations in Florida. Of course, you can prolong this list with a couple of popular names. Corporate culture, special awards, bonuses, free vacation, educational programs are available. They can be demonstrated with different methods. The main thing is creating favorable conditions for productivization.

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