Pretty Perfect Product Design

We are a generation, who expects something different, and refuses to settle for less. We judge our growth on the basis of upgradation of our day-to-day tools. We tend to uplift our lifestyle by raising our materialistic treasure. The concept of product designing fulfil our needs with latest trends, innovative designing and simplified usage.

Product Design –The Basics You Need To Know

As you can make out from the name, product designing is all about creating a product which is easy to access, impressive to the eyes and at par with the latest trends. This concept isn’t just about design and creativity; it is a perfect balance of art, science and the technology at its latest. Appearance is just one thing; attention to every single detail is what differentiates one product from another. There are ample of cell phones in the market, ranging in every price and for every need, but only few leave their imprints upon their customers, who have indeed responded by becoming their loyal customers. A cell phone is just a small example; this principle applies to each and every product in the market, whether they are kitchen tools, beauty products, medical industry or even food industry.

Why Opt for Product Designing?

It so happens, people with so much creativity and knowledge, have brilliant ideas. But their thought process is limited to the skill they have or the area they specializes in. Submitting these ideas to a professional individual or a company, expert in the area of product designing and packaging, such as Jansy Product Packaging Company, is the best solution here.  These experts then helps to gives these amazing ideas a practical shape and present it to the market.

The key reasons for which we need to opt for product designing are:


  • Determines the difference between a good and a great product:  There is a fine line between good product and a great one. All the devices are designed with the sole purpose of simplifying the task, but only a perfectly designed device will make you feel that it was made just for you.
  • Updates Technology:  In the last decade, technology has changed the concept of marketing. Even if you lag behind in the slightest, there are plenty of options readily available in the market, with latest upgradation of technology, which the consumers prefer. We can relate to Nokia on this ground. Nokia, who lead the cell phone market for so long, suddenly was left behind because they got a bit late to upgrade their cell phones to smartphones.  
  • Building brand: High-end brands like Apple, Rolls Royce and Louis Vuitton are where they are because they focussed on the design of their products and the luxury they provide. They are marked as a status symbol. Their effort to provide their customers with luxury and lavishness is what differentiates them from other brands.
  • Takes you a step ahead: In the chase for being on top, product design has become so important to survive in the competitive market. The benefits and outcome of all the products might be the same; it is just the matter of that distinct feature that attracts the consumer.
  • First impression: Love at first sight is a statement which is relevant when it comes to marketing and packaging of the product. Irrespective of the technology used and benefits the product may provide, it is the packaging and design which the customers will comprehend initially.
  • Achieve globalization: In the era of globalization, company’s aim and customer’s choice in not confined to their own country. Our society has globalized. Product designing has become even more important than it ever was.


Let us consider an example which depicts the change in technology and design within a period of time.  Remember when we used to put big cassettes in the VCR boxes to watch movies? And the Walkman that was so trendy back then?  How the times have changed! From the invention of CD’s to floppy disks, hard disks, even smaller pen drives, all of which is now replaced by smartphones.

Product Design Process

In order to achieve a perfect outcome, following the procedure is very crucial. Impatience always leads us to skip a few steps which eventually show in the final product. Process of product designing is a simplified and eases process, leading to wonderful results if tracked properly.


  • Observation: This step is all about knowing what the customer wants and what we want to provide to our customers to please them. This can be achieved by first choosing a perfect target audience, and then doing research via questionnaires, one-on-one talk sessions and online surveys.


Once we have a gist of what the customer needs, and their reviews on your previous products, we move ahead.


  • Brainstorming: Once we have a sense of direction of what the customer wants, we can move towards the idea for the product we want to create. Eradication of all the negative feedback (derived from step 1) and replacing them with a better version is done foremost. Here we emphasis on idea of the design and packaging, the target market and its price range. Most of all, we need to brainstorm about how to design the product in such a way that it outstands in the market and is consumer-friendly.
  • Implementation: This is a practical step, which converts a planned idea into its tangible form. This requires precise technical know-how for the creation of the product. Staring from detailed drawings, all the specifications are considered till the manufacturing of the produce.  With a perfect balance of art and science, product is created, catering to the needs of customers.
  • Product launch:  Your product is ready! All you need is a perfect marketing team and your product is all over the place. Sufficient production and resourceful marketing are the key factors while launching a product. Advertisements like internet ads, television commercials, hoardings and much more, helps you convey your message and interact with your audience.


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