6 Pre-Employment Screening Myths Debunked

Pre-employment screening has become an integral part of the hiring process in the present times. Every business organization, irrespective of its size or type, needs to have a proper system for the same to ensure that they get only the right and reliable candidates on board. The reason is that even the seemingly best ones are capable of fabricating resumes and passing on wrong information at the time of recruitment. Over the years, recruiters have achieved a certain level of comfort with the screening function but there are still some myths and misconceptions that create doubts. Let us help you in identifying the most widely prevalent pre-employment screening myths.

  1. Screening Checks are Meant Only for Enterprises

One of the biggest myth related background screening is that it is meant only for enterprise-level businesses and small businesses can do without it. Conversely, it is something that every business needs to bring confidence in their hiring process and get the best people for their workforce. Not running checks on the applicants puts you at the risk of hiring untrustworthy people, which is as big a challenge for small businesses as it is for large enterprises.

  1. A Criminal Record Means That You Should Not Hire

Often, a criminal record of the candidate is a red flag for organizations and they automatically consider the ineligible for employment. However, this should not be a norm because the decision should be based on other aspects too. For instance, you should take into account the type of crime, the time it was committed and whether it related to the intended job or not. Let us consider the example of a person once involved in a road accident crime long ago. He may not be right for the position of a truck driver but could be a good choice for working as an accountant or store clerk.

  1. Background Screening is Only About Criminal Records

If you think that background checks are confined only to the verification of a candidate’s criminal history, you need to get your facts right because these are much more. A comprehensive check includes gathering information about their credit history, civil lawsuits, educational and licensing credentials. Another key aspect of employee screening is the verification of history of substance abuse because no business would want to get an ex-addict or alcoholic on board.

  1. All Screening Checks are the Same

Another misconception that most businesses have is that all the screening checks are the same and you can trust any of them. But this is not the truth because the accuracy of the check greatly depends on the competence of the screening service that you are using. ClearStar Pre-Employment Background and Drug Screening Now Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace is a provider that you can trust for providing the best screening services and helping you to pick only the best candidates to work with you.

  1. The Process Typically Takes 1-2 Weeks To Complete

Timing is a critical element of the hiring function, both for the business as well as the candidates. HR managers want to close a position as early as possible to minimize the chances of a good candidate getting impatient and rejecting their offer. In such circumstances, they cannot afford to wait for weeks for the screening checks to be completed. The myth that these may take 1-2 weeks to be done dissuades people but the truth is that they can be done within 5 days. A good provider will even finish up the job within 24-72 hours and give you accurate results.

  1. You Can Run A Background Check Yourself

Another misconception about screening is that it is good enough if you do it yourself than get it done by a professional provider. Of course, it will enable you to save money buy you may end up bearing the cost of hiring someone who is not worthy. The process can be exhausting and time consuming for your HR department and the results may not always be accurate. On the other hand, hiring an expert gives you the advantage of saving time and getting the right candidates. Moreover, the professional provider will ensure that fair hiring practices are not being violated during the process of screening.

Now that the major myths related to pre-employment background screening are busted, you will be able to understand the process in a better way. The most important thing is to get it done by a reputed and experienced screening service provider that knows the job well enough.

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