Five Ways of Making Your White Kitchen Design Stand Out


Although white kitchens are elegant, timeless and tend to never go out of style, they are not only a perfect canvas for you to try on your seasonal colour schemes, they also help you create an illusion of a bigger, brighter and cleaner kitchen space.

Over 67 per cent of the people across the country prefer white for their top kitchen cabinet. People even prefer their kitchen appliances in white, since they are much easier to clean than the ones in stainless steel. Leading kitchen appliance companies such as Whirlpool are also on board with this increasingly popular trend of white appliance models.

Every white kitchen design that you will come across will have white cabinets, marble work surfaces or white kitchen island and a white subway tiled backsplash in their designs. In fact, the most challenging part is re-imagining your white kitchen to make it stand out.

So, how exactly can you make your white kitchen different from that of your neighbours?

This is where you have to think outside the box and make some bolder choices. It might make you nervous along the way but these bold choices will lead you to your unique design.

To make it easier for you, here are five ways you can make your white kitchen stand out from the rest of the white designs.

1: Lighting

To be honest, there is no need of adding too many light fixtures to your kitchen as the white on white look will be reflecting enough light anyway. In fact, this means that you will have a wide-range of lighting fixture to choose from without having to worry about the strength of the light.

Since the white on white look is simple yet an elegant design, the light fixture that you choose to go with will have a huge impact no matter how small or minimal your design is.

We recommend you to consider recycled industrial lighting that gives a traditional farmhouse appearance or glass orbs that gives a minimal vibe of a Victorian look.

2: Unique backsplash

It is simpler to go with the white subway tiles. It is not only what everyone else goes with but there is also an assurance that it looks great in the end. But having a wide range of unique tiles options to choose from, it appears to be an absolute waste for going with plain rectangular tiles.

Since we are not compromising on the colour, which is white, why not opt for different shapes and sizes?

You can try hexagon tiles, bevelled arabesque tiles, star and cross tiles or use the same old subway tiles but in a herringbone pattern. Although the colour is the same, the unique shape to the tiles will give your kitchen backsplash the perfect texture and a unique personality as well.

3: Hardware

The options are endless here. You can choose from glass, acrylic, concrete, silver, bronze, antique bronze, copper, gold, satin nickel, chrome and so many more. Like we said, the list is endless!

Once you have picked your finish, you then have to choose from the different styles of knobs and handles. We suggest you to try something different such as twig brass handles, rectangular knobs , back marble knobs, clear glass knobs, lava stone geometric knobs, brushed hexagon knobs, marble pulls or something else that catches your attention.

There is no pressure at all to settle for the obvious choices here, especially when there are so many options to choose from. Follow your heart and do not be scared to deviate from the obvious.

4: Rugs and Runners

A rug or a runner can have a huge impact on your white kitchen. In fact, this is one area where you can be the most adventurous and can add the most flare. This is mainly because changing a rug is so much easier than having to paint all your cabinets and units. If you feel your kitchen is too white, rugs are a perfect way to liven the room up.

5: Colour Scheme

Even though the white on white kitchen look is super elegant and trendy, you are still needed to add some colours so that your kitchen room doesn’t look hospital white. To add a splash of colour to your otherwise elegant white kitchen, you can opt for grey tones in between the white designs.

There is no need of going overboard, small accents will go far in all white kitchen deigns. But if at all you wish to make a bold and bigger statement, consider darker colours for the lower cabinets. It will thus help break the transition and space into darker floor colours.

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