What is Bonding Tape? What are the professional Uses of it?


Composed of some specific material such as paper, foam or plastic film, bonding tape is used to stick things with the help of an adhesive coated on it. Generally, bonding tape also has a release liner that needs to be removed before placing the tape on any surface.

Bonding tapes come in different sizes and textures. It can not only be used to join two surfaces together but also to make an existing bond stronger.

Advantages of using bonding tapes

The four major benefits of using bonding tapes for professional use are:

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Versatility

As bonding tapes have high durability and are light in weight, they are generally preferred over other bonding products such as welds and screws. The other bonding methods have some benefits but also various disadvantages. For instance, screws can rust and leak from the joining. Fasteners are visible and are also breakable. Other methods are not easy to use and are not visually pleasing.

A good thing about bonding tape is that it sticks instantly and provides maximum flexibility.  Bonding tapes can be resized and modified as per your specific manufacturing requirements. It helps to prevent rusting of the joints, and any spreads stress over the entire joint.

It is always a challenge for manufacturing firms to do multi-material bonding. These days many design and engineering are opting for binding tapes to overcome this fundamental obstacle. Bonding tape is an ideal choice for attaching dissimilar materials. It makes complex bonding applications easier.

These tapes are viscoelastic which means that they are stress relaxing. This is the property that makes it durable and prevents failure over time. This property also makes bonding take cost effective and low maintenance. Bonding take resists solvents and UV rays. Therefore, these tapes do not corrode.

 Types of bonding tapes and its industrial uses

There are many several types of bonding tapes and also varies their industrial uses. Some of these are discussed below:

Double Sided Tape

As the name suggests, double-sided tape is a tape which consists of an adhesive stick on both sides. It is often used because it doesn’t stick to itself and helps in easier tearing of tape.  There are different types of double-sided tapes, one of these is 3M VHB doubled sided tape.

3 M VHB double sided tapes are used in the pace of screws, bolts, and rivets. It is very flexible and strong. That’s why this has also been used in significant quality if the Burj Al Arab building. This tape is transparent, and therefore no lighting issue occurs because of the tape.

Adhesive Transfer Tape is another type of double-sided tape. This tape does not have a backing material which means the whole material is adhesive.

Fingerlift Tape

This type of tape is only used for manufacturing purposes. It provides efficient techniques of the batch production with a thin layer extended to the width of the tape. It can be left with the liner to use the com complete item later.

Foam Tape

Foam tape is used to join things that are irregular or uneven. These tapes are used for padding, gasketing, and sealing. It improves the appearance of any product and also its performance. Foam tapes are low weight and have ultimate insulation properties

Glue Dots

These tapes consist of dots of glue over the material. This is used for complex packaging of products. Glue dote is easy to apply and can be used to join everything from leaflets to DVDs. This tape is also pressure-sensitive. It is a trusted adhesive for food packaging as its odorless.


It is a 2 side coated tape and has high-performance rubber glue. It provides adhesion for various surfaces like plastics, low surface energy surfaces, and wood. It sticks various similar and dissimilar objects together.

These days there are very good quality bonding tapes available in the market that provide high performance and holding power. These binding tapes can be used in almost any surface including woods, plastics, glass, etc.

As the demand is increasing, channeled resources are making this product more and more efficient to enable your manufacturing products to be stronger and lighter. Thus, binding tapes have become an essential component for multiple industries.


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