Turn Online Rummy Game into a Cash Earning Opportunity

Did you know that playing a 13 card rummy game on the internet can also earn you money? If you were not aware of this fact, then let us confirm that you can earn cash while playing cards, right from your home. However, the money does not come easy, for earning is for winners of the rummy game alone. There could be a minimal income from referral programs as well. Thus, if you are good at rummy, you can turn the game into an earning opportunity.

What more can you ask in your free-time? Below we have shared ideas on how to earn by playing rummy on the web.

  1. Refer Rummy Online to Others

On Khelplay Rummy, which is a website for card game enthusiasts, you get the opportunity to win cash or points on referring others to the platform. After successful registration of the referred member, you get the reward. Thus, by investing no money and risking no assets, you can easily earn a handsome amount.

There are several rummy sites that have enticing offers for old and new members. Be sure to utilize referral programs, because it is a doorway to easy and legal money, without having to even spend a rupee yourself. In fact, when your friends join in, you can play in a private online rummy circle and challenge each other to a game.

  1. Play for Cash in Tournaments

The rummy tournaments are the most interesting aspect of playing cards in India. Most of these tournaments ask for only a minimal buy-in, as low as Rs. 1. Such tournaments run all through the week. There could be more than one tournament scheduled for the day and you should learn the timings for the same and book yourself a seat to participate.

New members are usually given a week or three to play rummy games free and earn cash, after which they have to either make a cash deposit to enter a tournament. Certain rummy patty game tournaments can offer earning in hundreds and thousands of rupees as the winning amount. Higher the stake more would be the difficulty level of these competitions.

  1. Post Rummy Reviews

There are many platforms that ask you to share genuine reviews of gaming applications. If you are an ardent fan of Indian rummy, then you can review some of the popular rummy websites. You get to earn by posting reviews on legit review-accepting sites. You can even apply on a rummy site to join as an app-tester. You can then share your experience and provide feedback of the app features and how the website can become better. All these services can be paid for and help earn a decent income.

Some Financial Takeaways of Playing Online Rummy

Now that you know how to play rummy to earn cash, here are few other financial benefits you can grab when on a rummy platform.

  • Keep a lookout for discounts and offers on tournaments. These are mostly available for cash members and those who play regularly on a rummy website.
  • Play between 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM and get discounts on tournaments. You can choose to play unlimited rummy 24*7 through the day and earn loyalty points.
  • Use the reward points to purchase merchandise from leading stores or get the amount transferred to your bank amount, as per the option provided to you by the rummy site.

So, if you like card games, then opt for a rummy game free download on smartphone and play on-the-move from wherever you want.

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