Five apps to help you check your mental health

Decline of mental health is a crucial issue that is growing at an alarming rate. According to a WHO report, one in four people across the globe will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Currently, around 450 million people are going through such conditions. Over the past few years, multiple endeavors have been launched to determine the reasons, symptoms, prevention, and recovery from mental illnesses.

The human brain is a labyrinth of nerves and tissues that performs multiple tasks per millisecond. It holds a central position in the body, and even a tiny glitch here could lead to a toxic mental state. Various studies have proven how the human brain needs proper nutrition and stimulation to keep functioning at optimal levels. It is also true that cognitive function declines as the brain ages. People who cross the age of forty should take serious note of every behavioral change. While there are loads of speculation based on finding out the causes and cure, medical researchers suggest that every individual should be vigilant about their mental conditions.

Constant exposure to technology, mundane multi-tasking, escalating pressures to stay at the top of your game and consumption of high sugar levels are some of the reasons behind growing mental issues. Furthermore, a sedentary lifestyle brings about negative impacts on pretty much all aspects of human health. It weakens the muscles, hampers blood circulation and leads to chronic conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and obesity. Nott o mention, the minimal activity is detrimental for your mental health as well.

Today, the rapid advancement of technology has brought about a drastic change in work modes and leisure activities. We find ourselves sitting behind the work desk for hours, and even when we are not, we spend our time browsing through social media or playing games on smartphones. The endless scrolling on these apps brings about a feeling of isolation, complex and depression. All of which can have a negative influence on the way our brain functions and consequently lead to brain damage.

There are a variety of treatment options available to overcome anxiety, depression, insomnia and overall brain degeneration that fall into the category of psychotherapy and prescribed medication. On the flipside, in the world that practically thrives on digital media, many are turning towards the additional support offered by mental health applications. Although these applications cannot replace professional help, they provide a tool to cope with negative thoughts, detect illnesses and get back to a healthy state of mind.

Here is a list of a few mental health apps that will enable users to check their mental health, curb negative elements and stay productive:


Ranked as the ‘app of the year’ in 2017, Calm focuses on four fundamental areas including sleep, breath, relaxation, and meditation. The app intends to bring joy, clarity, and peace of mind for its users. The app offers different meditation programs where each intends to relieve stress and increase the endorphins responsible for happiness. These programs vary from 3-25 minutes in length so users can choose one that fits their schedule.

Apart from that; there are breathing programs, relaxing music and sounds from nature that help to loosen up the brain nerves and promote sleep. It is a perfect app for an individual who is at the initial stages of meditation therapy. Nonetheless, it caters to the advanced users, too.


Braintest is a scientific app that aids to detect subtle signs of cognitive impairment, early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It is a cognitive screening app that enables you to take a brain test from the comfort of your home.

Dementia statistics by WHO  anticipate that the total number of people with dementia is projected to reach 82 million in 2030 and 152 million by 2050. In such conditions, it is vital to have an app that enables you to notice minute mental changes. This SAGE-based app provides assessment and not a diagnosis. The printed results can allow users to discuss their treatment plan with the doctors.


Headspace employs meditation and mindfulness therapy to bring about an overall productive performance in the users. The motive of this app is to enable users to have a happier and healthier outlook on life. A wide array of meditation sessions and mindfulness themes are available to reduce stress and enhance the focus of the users.  The developers also claim that the use of this app boosts up the compassionate behavior of an individual towards others.


Pacifica is an app which aims to reduce stress and anxiety among people. The users are provided with a toolbox to cope with daily stress and anxiety. There is also a forum for people to discuss their issues with like-minded individuals.

This app makes the user overcome negative feelings, break cycles of unwanted thoughts and pessimist behaviors. It uses methods such as mindful meditation, mood tracking, relaxation, and CBT. Along with that, the app sets up daily challenges for users that help them tackle anxiety.


Mood-path asks its users different questions on a daily basis to detect signs of depression. In case, a person had a rough week and cannot overcome the emotional mess, the app guides them and tells them of ways to counter their situation. The app seeks to increase the awareness of users and allows them to understand their mental state.

After two weeks of assessment, it generates an electronic document that helps the users to discuss their condition with healthcare professionals. In the meantime, it suggests different brain exercises to improve the mental status of the users.

The changing patterns of living require each person to be creative, super-fast with their duties and stay productive for a prolonged period of their life. A healthy brain is the only tool that keeps people motivated to try harder and reach out for their goals. Age-related neurodegeneration is an inevitable process, but it can be delayed and controlled if a person follows a proper regimen of diet and physical activity. Since the rate of mental illnesses is on the rise, it is essential for every individual to install a mental health app on their phones that allows them to maintain a regular check on their cognitive functioning.

So, install these awesome apps right away and march onto the journey marked with positivity, productivity, and progress!

Muhammad Salman Siddique
Researcher and Content Writer at e-Syndicate Network. A constant learner. Learning and growing every day. Salman has over 5 years of experience in the fields of Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Brand and Business Development.