Top Travel Destinations for Students on a Budget

Being young is a thrill itself, fewer responsibilities, few obligations, and a full pack of energy makes us venture out to new destinations. However, the lack of funds ceases our every effort and plan for traveling. Various reasons and excuse make our every effort to traveling halt. However, the learning and the independency taught through these ventures molds us to make better decisions and develop the street smartness, essential to survive and grow in this competitive market.

Remember, life is too short to be wasted on boring lectures. Therefore, we have listed down some budget-friendly destinations, so start packing your bags to go and experience some beautiful and exciting places without breaking the bank.

  1. Turkey

One of the notorious tourist destinations which host captivating landscapes in the world. The rich history and economical rates allow students to indulge in the spectacular landscapes without breaking the bank. It holds various street shops, small markets, divine food, and more which are reasonably priced so that every individual can be facilitated. You just need to have your bag pack around to visit the historical places and political history of the country.

  1. Thailand

It is a perfect place for the students who have a limited budget. It is a great place to dive into the world-class cuisine and rich cultural history to the budget-conscious individuals. Build your knowledge on the various temples and the history along with indulging in the best street food in the world with only 20$ per day. Wander around the islands with the backpack on the go to keep the budget minimum. Travel as much as you can to witness the beautiful places and the atmosphere of the place.

  1. Indonesia

It holds an assortment of the Islands which can be explored easily within the limited budget. Do not stress yourself on the number of Islands you will visits and just go with the flow. It is not like you can visits almost all of these as they range around 18 thousand. Start your day early to make the most of this opportunity, travel as much as you can to listen to the beautiful humming of the birds and the sound of the flowing water. Experience the adrenaline rush by snorkeling, surfing and more. however, do limit the Islands you visit, in order to keep the expenses minimum.

  1. Peru

It is one of the places which is amazingly cheap; yes, you read it right. The place is recognized for its thrilling backpack trips, as these places for travel here are not organized effectively. Witness the thrill with your friend by hiking, play games, and eat the traditional food offered. The place is also known for hosting beach time parties, a perfect gateway from the hustle bustle of the academic life.

  1. Florida

The flights, transportation cost, and rooms are much cheaper than the hotels in any other place in the festive season as well. The hotels in Florida provide great facilities and cheap accommodation which allows the budget conscious students to make the most of their trip. Indulge in the best sandwiches at Fatty sandwich shop; witness the dolphin show and much more. Do bungee jumping; visit the beaches, theme parks and more to collect as many memories as you could.


These are the top destinations which every student must visit during their break. Travel allows students to make the most of their youth, therefore, stop stressing on those assignments and get assignment experts to complete the job for you. Click as many selfies and snapshots as you can, because these memories my friend you are going to cherish forever.