Simple Link Building Tactics For Boosting The SEO Of Your Local Business

Simple Link Building Tactics For Boosting The SEO Of Your Local Business

There is an increasing trend of customers looking up Google to find products and services that are close at hand. If your local business listing appears at the top of the search results, you are likely to get more new customers. Even though getting better ranks for local businesses is very similar to ranking websites across a larger area, getting results is often easier and faster using profitable keywords and high-quality backlinks. Getting good-quality backlinks can usually take a lot of time and effort; however, the payoffs can be very rewarding. Some top link building tactics that can generate more traffic for your local business:

Look for Linking Opportunities Regularly

Obtaining links is not possible unless you create a list of possible opportunities. An effective way of doing this is to search Google for online resources that specialize in your area of business and serve the same geographical area that your business covers. Typically, using the name of the industry along with terms like magazine, directory, forum, services, tradeshow, etc. can yield a goldmine of resources where your business can be linked. You can make the discovery process faster and easier by using one of the many online tools for the specific purpose of searching for prospects. Remember, not only do you need high-quality backlinks but also make your backlink profile diverse.

Discover the Local Backlinks That Your Competitors Are Using

Conducting research to find out why some of your competitors are performing better than you can reveal some great backlinking opportunities that you may have missed out on. Conducting espionage on your competitors is actually quite easy with the help of tools like SpyGlass; You just need to enter the URL of the competitor and you get to know immediately its link profile, including the backlink number, the linking domain number, dofollow backlink percentage, backlink IP diversity, and more. The list of discovered backlinks will help you to find fresh opportunities for rising to the top of the search results. If this seems too much of a bother, you can approach a specialist local SEO agency like Tayloright.

Be Quick to Reach Out to Backlinking Prospects

After having generated a list of backlinking prospects, it is imperative that you reach out to them as quickly as possible. However, you need to make sure that you have a good enough reason for making the request. Typically, this boils down to the content quality. You are more likely to get backlinks if your content is relevant to the local area, if the ideas are actionable, if you provide coupons or discounts, run contests for the local population, and is informative with local relevance. Make sure that you establish a relationship before requesting a backlink; the process can be long and tiring but well worth it.


Link building is a vital aspect of local search engine optimization as it can make the difference between having a flourishing business and an empty till. By implementing some smart tactics of promoting local SEO, you can boost your page rankings and get more traffic.

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