TOP 12 Universities In Australia To Study Humans

TOP 12 Universities In Australia To Study Humans

Today Australia takes the leading position in the sphere of human sciences. This is a place to find a number of big historical universities and small but modern institutions that offer all-round education in the sphere of humanitarians. Why not? A green continent with its beautiful landscapes, well-developed infrastructure, museums and theaters attracts history and art lovers from all over the world. It is not a surprise that European, Asian and American students come here to get humanitarian education.

Luckily, the most prestigious Australian universities are included in TOP 8 World Popular Institutions to offer interesting educational programs in humanitarian sphere to their students. Thus, if you came to Australia for education, try to find out what is what.

Janet Clarke Hall, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria Australia

1) University of Melbourne

According to the latest rates, the university in Melbourne provides the best humanitarian education in Australia. It was founded in the middle of the 19th century. The institution consists of 7 campuses to educate more than 40 000 students. The level of education is high. The Times Higher Education proclaimed it as the most prestigious institution in the world and the best in Australia. The faculty is also represented by the Higher School of Humanitarian and Social Sciences, where you can get magister in the sphere of culture, arts, media, and Melbourne Governmental School, where you can train in administration, politics, and management.

2) Australian National University

Australian national University was established in 1946 by Australian government to provide exploratory activity. It welcomed students since 1960. According to the QS World University Rankings the university takes the 25th position. What is more, 6 Nobel winners came from here. More than 10 000 students study in the university. The College of Arts and Social Sciences is the biggest part of the national University in Canberra.

3) University of Sydney

Sydney University is the oldest in Australia. It was founded in 1850 in Sydney. It takes the 27th honorable position in the international rate from the QS World University Rankings. What is more, Daily Telegraph and The Huffington Post included the university campus in the list of TOP 10 the most beautiful world campuses. This is rather prestigious place and you definitely need to rent a car in Sydney to feel free in your time and study. Local students are pleased with special rent a car under 21 programs. More than 49 000 students get their education here. The Humanitarian faculty takes about 10 000 students to be the biggest in the university. In general, the faculty consists of more than 40 departments and 5 schools.

Sydney University Symphony Orchestra

4) Bond University

This private university is situated in Queensland on the North-East of Australia. The main its feature is three terms per year. It means that you can take a course of three terms in two years. It’s rather time saving! Humanitarian education is welcomed in the spheres of art’s history, journalism, media, psychology. The university is famous of its high quality teachers and progressive education methods, based on theory and practice.

5) Curtin University

The university is included in top 300 world educational establishments according to the QS World University Rankings. It is situated in the West Australia. This is the biggest and multicultural institution in the country. The university has campuses in Sydney, Singapore, Sarawak. The students from 100 world countries take their study here. The list of humanitarian spheres you can get your training is wide. What is more, there is a competent professional support for foreign students: language support, job search.

6) Deakin University

This university was founded in 1974. It is young but honorable. The main its feature is orientation to students’ comfort, interests. The atmosphere is friendly. You can always ask for help and support. The university is proud of its graduates, foreigners also. The campuses are good to live and the education level is high.

7) Victoria University

Victoria University is a big institution from Melbourne. It offers different programs in different education spheres, including humanitarians. More than 8 000 of foreign students live and study here.

Newman College, Melbourne University, Melbourne Australia

8) RMIT University

Technology and Design University in Melbourne is one of the most attractive institutions in Australia. The university gives the best job to every graduate. The education here is mostly oriented to modern tendencies, scientific and arts. You can learn journalism, pedagogics, tourism, hotel business, arts and social sciences.

9) Monash University

The Monash University is included in TOP 8 universities in the world. It was founded in 1958 to offer a wide range of training courses in the sphere of arts, engineering, pedagogics, medicine and sciences. Humanitarians learn journalistic, social sciences and design. There is a campus in Melbourne and foreign campuses in Malaysia, South Africa, India, Italy.

10) University of Queensland

The oldest university in Queensland is one of the leading research centers in Australia. This institution gives to all and every student the deep knowledge in the field of humanitarians and technic. More than 40 000 students live and study here, including 6,5 000 foreigners. There are many campuses and scientific centers, high class training and qualified teachers.

11) University of New South Wales (UNSW)

One of the biggest universities in Australia is situated in the New South Wales. It was founded in 1949 in Sydney. More than 50 000 of students from more than 100 world countries live and study here. The graduates get the best jobs. There is nothing to think about as this university provides research works in different fields and progressive technologies.

12) The University of Western Australia (UWA)

Meet the biggest university of West Australia. It is more than 100 years old. This institution boasts the rich history and progressive teaching methods. It is modernly equipped and organized. The teachers are high class specialists from all over the world. The university helps students with grants and good job after graduation.

Dr Rebecca Coll in the lab

Humanitarians today are one of the most popular scientific directions. Humanitarian faculties are good for creative people, broad minded, interesting and progressive students who are good to work in many different fields.

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