Choosing A Quality Control Company

Choosing A Quality Control Company

A quality control company is well-worth the expense. Buyers importing goods from Asian markets like China should always hire quality control companies for product inspection.

Quality control inspections guarantee quality of your imports. Making the right choice is necessary to avoid losses and poor quality substandard imports. There are more than a million quality control companies in Asia. Particularly in China due to availability of a large number of manufacturers who supply goods to the world, has resulted in increased number of inspection services. Choosing a reliable quality control partner can be overwhelming for buyers, that’s why we have suggested some key factors to keep into account when making the decision.

Choosing A Quality Control Company

Here are the factors that matter most when choosing a quality control company.

Proper Papers

Often buyers are not aware of the legal aspects of dealing with quality control companies. If you are in developed markets like the United States, a quality control provider should be ISO 9001 certified. This certification is a symbol of professionalism. However, in Asian countries ISO 9001 certification should not be the only quality standard for choosing a company. In China quality control companies need to have the AQSIQ license. In professional quality control companies, division and structure of QC teams are clearly laid and responsibility for different sectors like soft lines, hard lines, electrical and electronics, toys, etc. are easily distinguishable.

Comprehensive Inspection Reports

Inspection reports tell a lot about the standard and planning of a quality control company. An easy-to-understand and accurate inspection report is what you are looking for. No buyer wants to spend hours trying to make sense of bad English or deciphering convoluted messages. Ensure that the QC company you are considering provides clear and professional reports as it is a great time saver. (You can ask for sample inspection reports to get a clear idea)

Array Of Quality Control Services

The common characteristic that all these QC companies share is the diversity of services they offer. A reliable and experienced quality inspection provider offers a wide range of services for every buyer and provide solutions. A professional QC company will offer you pre-production inspection, first article inspection, during-production inspection, final shipment/pre-shipment inspection, container loading supervision and more.

Online Quality Inspection Booking

An online quality control service booking system speaks of a company’s experience, size and huge inspection volume. Such a booking system allows buyers to manage quality control services in one place, communicate via secured system and follow up service status at a glance. It is obvious for a QC company to back such a system with follow-ups and coordination services, but having an online booking system is an advantage in its own being a strong contender.

Transparent Pricing for Quality Inspections

Every buyer tries to cut costs to increase profit margins, but the choice of a reliable, good quality control company is worth the expense. Professional QC companies provide a clear quotation evaluated based on man-days, letting their customers estimate the overall cost in advance.

Quality control companies, especially in China should be hired based on the suggestions mentioned above.

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